Content page opened in both right & left frames - how to eliminate

Dear Supporter
I create a web site with two frames
The frames opened properly with Microsoft explorer - when trying FireFox and click on the frames links the desired page popped in both right & left frames.
This not happen when clicking on the menu buttons, but happen when open the pop-up sub-menu - click please on the 3rd button from the top  "Tropic Marin" and click there on any link.
The site name is <>
In case you wish access directly and not through the frames page, go please to:

If need any additional information - please ask.

Thank you in advance, Tony
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Ray PaseurCommented:
The tags appear to be out of order.  Try the code snippet.
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
  <meta name="Autor" content="Dr. LGG">
  <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 5.0">
  <meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document">
  <meta name="description" content="Tropic Marin - All important things for saltwater aquaria -">
  <meta name="keywords" content="Tropic,Tropicmarin,Tropic-Marin,Tropicmarine,Tropic-Marine ,Marin,Marine,Meersalz,Bio-Calcium,biocalcium,biomagnesium,Bio-Magnesium,biostrontium,Bio-Strontium,Pro-Coral ,Spurenelemente,Pro-Spezial ,Pro-Special,Pro-Cichlid,Pro-Discus,Triple-Buffer,Triplebuffer,Puffer,pH-Puffer,Re-Mineral,Remineral,Calcium-Test,Calciumtest,Kalziumtest,GH-Test,KH-Test,Karbonath&auml;rte,Nitrattest,Nitrat-Test,Nitrit-Test,Nitrittest,Alkalinity-Test,Alkalinity,Ammonium-Test,Ammoniumtest,PH-Test,Hydrometer,Ar&auml;ometer,Thermometer,Phosphat-Adsorber ,Phosphasorb,Zoomix,Ausstr&ouml;mer,Lindenholz,Biener,Riff,Riff-Aquarium,Riffaquarien,Riffaquarium,Meeresaquaristik,Balling,Tagis,Malawi,Tanganjika,Malawi-Tanganjika-Salz,Diskus-Salz,Meerwasser,Mineralien,Koralle,Korallen,Korallenaquarium,Korallenaquarien,Wasseraufbereitung,Dichtemessung,Aquaristik,Wasseranalyse,Wassertest,Meeresbiologie,Wasserwechsel,Magnesium,Calcium,Strontium,Tropftest,S&uuml;sswasser,Diskus,Wirbellose,Invertebraten,Umkehrsosmose,Aufh&auml;rtung,Umkehr-Osmose,Kalkversorgung,Calciumversorgung,Aquarium,Acropora,Reefsalt,Aquamedic,Aqua,United,Medic,Jbl,Tropical,Zoo,Vivarium,Wasseranalytik,Testkit,Testkits,Salz,Rowaphos,Crystal,Instant,Ocean,Hw,Tetra,Sera,Ekus,Tropicmarinusa">
  <title>Tropic Sea</title>
<frameset framespacing="0" border="0" cols="200,*" frameborder="0">
<frame name="menu" target="content" src="navigation_neu.htm" noresize="noresize" scrolling="no">
<frame name="content" src="news.htm" scrolling="auto">
  <p>Tropic-Sea - All Reef Aquaria Needs</p>

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Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Hi Ray
Thank you for trying....

When I use your homepage code - the homepage popped blank (white bg only)

So I try move just the <body> to line 12 (as in your list = when moved the home page popped blank.

Any other idea?

Thank you, Tony
Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Hi Ray
Possibly my comments aren't clear

I mean that your code doesn't work - when using your code for the hompage.html page - the page when accessing to is plain white.

I try change just the position of the <body> string - moved it to line 12 - as in your code.
Same happened - the page that comes was blank

Hope get an answer taht work

Thank you, T.H.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
T.H. -- the link in the OP is 404.  Please post a link to what you're doing now.  I'll take a look now that I'm back at the computer.
Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Hi Ray
sorry - don't get your request regarding the link... the site is at
the menu (left side page) is at:

Thank you, T.H
Are you using target="content" in the links? Using the target tag is important when using frames...
Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Hi Admin

a. I don't think that I add my contact info to the Q. as you deleted it I can't see what was there.
2nd - deleted my email (if it was there at all) doesn;t serve you as if anyone want communicate with me or withe any other person - there is nothing easier than this -
just go to my site - which I have to give it address to enable supporting my problem and send me an email via the site.

Finally - I ansser to all the open issues and don't see where is the comment I didn;'t answer

Thank you, Tony
Tony-HAuthor Commented:

Certainly I do
otherwise same wouldn't function properly with explorer!

Possibly I ,missed something - appreciate if you can dive in and help me finding the problem as I spent many hours and  couldn't find and need other person eyes.

You can see please the menu page code at:\web\english\navigation_neu.htm

The relevant lines for "all product" :
<li><a href="produkte/prod_main.htm" target="content"
title="All Products" target="content">All&nbsp;Products</a></li>

What is also odd - is the fact that the button links function OK
The 2nd button (1st below the HOME button - button image btk7un1_0.gif )
Here also the target="Content" is also in use and is function.

Possibly someone with deep experience can find the bug

thank you, T.H

Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Do you have any JS observers on the actual links?

Are you relying in the normal <a> behaviour to load the link?
There must be an error in the obfuscated JS, it seems like the link is followed twice 1 with, 1 without the target specified. You can check it if you press the back button in FF, first the content page is restored, then the menu buttons...
Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. I already noticed this process - when I go back 1st the content page go to the previus page and the 2nd time the Menu return

As a matter of fact I am not a web site specialist and am doing the site for my business for fun in my free time.

Have no idea what is obfuscated JS .... can you explain please and... possibly more effective - if you can suggest how to (try) solving the problem

Thank you, Tony
Obfuscated Javascript is just a way to make it harder to read. The javascript you're using ( is not really obfuscated, just poorly written, that's why it seemed like it was obfuscated.

Anyway, it's hard to test and the way the JS was written, doesn't really make it easy to debug. But you can try changing this part:

into, 'content')

And see if that helps...

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Tony-HAuthor Commented:

P E R F E C T !!!

Just the point - working fine :-)

Many thanks, Tony
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Tony-H. You don't need to ask CS to assign the points. Instead, click on the link "Accept as answer" underneath TeRReF's comments.

Glad I could help :)
Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Hi Frank.

You're welcome

Just wonder - how long it takes to debug/find the wrong command

Did you get the points? It is looks that the Q. is still open even though I submit the points to you.

Best wishes, Doron (Tony's colleague)
Hello Doron,

I got the points and the question is closed. It's possible to add a comment to a closed question though...
RQuadling is right, you can accept an answer yourself without making a request to the modifiers...

It didn't take long to debug in the end, I searched for the JS window.location command since it's the most common way to redirect a browser in JS. Then I changed it to incorporate the proper target frame (content)

Kind regards,
Tony-HAuthor Commented:
Hi Frank,

Thank you again - it took me a few days, trying to find the bug - as you possibly see - I am not a web designer and am doing it for my import business for fun instead of giving this out.
Takes me possible longer than a professional designer but I enjoy seeing the results.

 Best wishes, Doron (Israel)
Hello Doron,

We were all at that stage once, you're having fun doing it and because of that you'll learn fast. Soon enough, you'll be able to help other people with your experience.

Happy coding ;)

Kind regards,
Frank (Netherlands)
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