What's the fastest way to get started using the Swing It!! migration tool?

I hate to be asking this question, but everytime I start reading the Swing It docs, I have only read the intro and the beginning parts of the program.  Then I get distracted by something else that uses up days of my time before I can come back to it.  Oh yeah, I'm to where it says I can start doing it right away, but it seems like there's more explanation before I can actually start.  Now I really really have to start this fast and get it done fast.  Here's some details:

1) I'm pretty good with WIndows Server 2003, Exchange 2003, and SBS 2003.  But I'm by no means a guru - at least on the really technical stuff.
2) I need to migrate the AD user, computer, groups, and Exchange accounts.  Not all accounts have Exchange, but will in the future,
3) I need the usual settings, files, folders, and shares migrated.
4) The new server has a RAID 0 (or 1 - I foget) intended for the OS only and a large RAID 5 array for data files.
5) I'm going to use Acronis True Image on the new server instead of Backup Exec.
6) I will be make changes after the migration to improve security, shares, folder layout, remote web access and remote Outlook.  I don't know if that affects the migration for now, but I want to make sure I'm going to make some badly needed changes like this.  Oh yeah, remote access is handled by a SonciWall 1260 Pro now - about 5 users.
7) The user accounts are stored on the current server only.  When They log in, they authenticate to the server, there's not even a local account of any kind for the users' client machines.
8) I'll be setting up SharePoint server for remote users.

If you can just point me to the pages I need to start at to do the above, I'd appreciate it.  Something like "Cliff Notes" would be great!  I hate reading!

FYI: I have a company License Mode Swing It account.  

Thanks, this is really important to get done ASAP!  Today would be ideal!

Thanks again for any help you can offer!
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
My apologies RiteGuy I did not mean to insult or offend, I simply replied  as it appeared you were waiting for a reply that I was doubtful you would receive.
Again, I am very sorry.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
This is a rather bizarre request. You would like us to take our time to condense a very detailed document and list the parts you do and don't need to read?
It is a very detailed document, and I suggest you need to read it all. You likely could have done so by now. Also it sounds like you may not be comfortable with the procedure. Though it is well documented and systematic, an SBS migration is one of the most difficult ones to do. If this is not something you feel experienced enough to tackle, you might be best contracting out the migration, and continue to look after the management of the domain when complete.
RiteGuyAuthor Commented:
Well, I obviously was way off with this question.  Let me be more to the point, RobWill ...  Can anyone tell me where the trimmings, the garnish, the table dressings and what have you end and the meat and potatoes begin!  I specified what I'm doing because I have read enough of the materials that there are different starting points.  But every time I headed over to one that looked like it would be my starting point, all I find is either more garnish or the wrong starting point!  Im tired of information that explains crap I already know or how good the author is or what have you when all I need are a few pages of the right information.  These are supposed to be tech docs, not love novels!  If you don't know what page I can jump to save some time then don't bother insulting me!

Yes, I do take offense to your response especially since I've been working for the last 43 hours without sleep troubleshooting a network problem that had eluded all the experts for several months.  I work very hard and long hours on things that tech support people say can't be fixed and leave the client in a lurch.  Because of this, my time gets depleted to the point where every once in a while I need to ask for some relatively simple help.  I even pay for the privilege of asking.  But I find more and more that Im consistently disappointed by the lack of expert knowledge, but much worse, the lack of just plain helpfulness.
RiteGuyAuthor Commented:
Thank you, RobWill, I appreciate that.  I'm going to contact the author of Swing It (something I probably should have done first) and get him to give me what I'm looking for.  After all, I spent $345 for it, he owes me that!

Take care
Hi gang,
Welcome to my world. :)
[I'm the afore mentioned author]

Thank you for kindly suggesting that RiteGuy make first contact with me for "the support he paid for". It's a mystery to me why people purchase the Technician Kit which includes support, then ignore the options available to them, and then come to places like this to complain that they didn't get good support having not even asked for the support. He's contacted me since starting the above discussion thread.

I find his clarification about not getting help from anyone over a long period of time a stunning addition to this thread because I'm not sure who he's refering to.

To directly answer the question he posed to start the thread, the best way to get started with a Swing It!! Kit is to review the materials you obtain with it, and then take advantage of the 90 days unlimited support by email that is provided for the first project. That support can address project planning, documentation clarifications, anything in the scope of the project or troubleshooting stumbling points in the project progress.

Jeff Middleton SBS-MVP
That is precisely what we tell 'em Jeff :)

"You are using the swing kit?  So why are you here when the author will happily talk directly to you?"

Now, what to do with 'this' question...
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Hi Jeff. Thank you for updating, and glad to hear RiteGuy was in touch. I should have suggested getting in touch with you to get started.
Cheers !
RiteGuyAuthor Commented:
To Jeff Middleton SBS-MVP:

Please be very clear that I did not complain about your support!  I wish people wouldn't make assumptions!!!!

I started here because 1) Experts Exchange is much more familiar territory to me than your web site; and 2) I learned about your product from Experts Exchange people discussing it's use here.  I will say that you do make every effort to help, but your help is at times confusing with your licensing policies, terminology, credits, etc. you use.  Keep in mind, we all think and learn differently than others and you can't create a system that works good for everyone!

As you saw I came to the conclusion on my own to contact you.  Had that been suggested originally, I would have realized that my lack of sleep and frustration with someone else's problem i was having to fix made me take the wrong approach to start with.

I apologize to the others here for the confusion.  I think we can all admit making honest mistakes from time to time especially when you're mental capacity is greatly diminished by being overworked!

I feel a whole lot better now and I'm confident I'm going to find exactly what I was looking for in my emails from you, Jeff!

Thanks again!
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