Outlook will not sync with new moto Q9c

Hello All
      I just purchased a new motorola Q9C smart phone from Verizon, yes after all these years I gave up my Dell X50V pda (no lol please I know I am a bit late with this move). Anyway after installing the new required software my moto will not sync with outlook 2003 I waited over one hour and it is still trying to sync. I never had this problem with my pda. Any ideas. TIA.
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anthonyb21Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
it iturns out that i had a bad usb cable.
thank you
Are you trying to sync this over the air?  Or by being directly connected to your computer?  Is active sync giving you any errors (on the phone)?
anthonyb21Author Commented:
I am connecting usb and no errors of any kind so far
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