C:\ drive not listed in My Computer

C: drive is not appearing in My Computer on a customer's computer.  All other drives are recognised and listed. The computer was infected with multiple rogue spyware programs which have since been removed and the pc is functioning again, except for this last issue.

The C: drive is listed in computer management and has the correct drive letter assigned.  It is also visible in command prompt view.

The computer is running Windows XP Pro, SP2.

I'm hoping there is a simple solution for this last problem.


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BedouinDNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The drive ight be hidden for some reason, try using TweakUI to unhide the drive letter.
Some instructions here ->

If you run Smitflraudfix.exe it should remove the infection and fix the policies put there by the virus.
But since you said that the infection is gone, then just fix the policies.

Unless the infection is still active, yeah show us a hijackthis log.
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have a look in start/control panel/administrative tools/computer management/storage/disk management
it will show you the physical drives and their partitions. somewhere there it should show you where C:/ is and if it doesn't then it will show you where it was and you can recreate it.
I hope this helps.
Or this: it should fix the missing C:\drive issue and also fix startmenu and other policies put there by the virus.

Download VArestorepolicies.zip
Extract the file, and rightclick "VArestorepolicies.inf" and select to Install.
That should emove restrictions placed by the virus.
ChiarneAuthor Commented:

Thanks for all your suggestions.  The second suggestion by Colin did the trick.  For whatever reason the drive was hidden. TweakUI worked like a charm, just ticked the C: drive to re-enable the icon in My Computer.

Great work, thanks Colin.


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