Exchange 2007 Out of Office Error

Every time users try to use Out of Office in Outlook 2007, they get the following error: "Your out of office settings cannot be displayed,because the server is unavailabe, try again later."  Was actually workign fine and then stopped working.  Need help fast.  Newbie to Exchange.  Customer is using Exchange 2007.
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amaheshwariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this if it helps:

Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed...what's wrong?
071171Author Commented:
amaheshwari -

This is a start.  Reasons 2-4 I think I've ruled out.  The problem is this solution doesn't go into real specifics.  I don't know if I have the right Autodiscover settings.  I don't have extensive knowledge in Exchange 2007, and so I need to get into specifics to resolve this.  Need further help.

071171Author Commented:
Sembee -

If you're there, i think I might need you on this one.
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071171Author Commented:

Have gotten help through Microsoft to resolve issue.  How do I close this?
What solution did MS provide for this issue?
What did Microsoft say to fix this problem?  I've gone through these steps and I still can't figure it out...
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