Looking for Ajax "Attach a file" / "Upload a file" Code to be used as part of contact form

So basically, instead of seeing the traditional field and the browse files button, you will only see

Attach a File:         add file

And if you click on "add file" it allows you to pick a desktop file the usual way and the name of the file will appear and the page will show like this (without page refresh):

Attach a File:      filename.doc | remove |
Attach a File:       add file

just trying to avoid the usual boring browse file button and the text field to the left.
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Dirar Abu KteishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
take a look here:

Demo: http://digitarald.de/project/fancyupload/2-0/showcase/photoqueue/

Mootools is the best javascript library I've ever used
expresscamAuthor Commented:
perfect. exactly what I need.
Dirar Abu KteishCommented:
Thanks for the points but don't forget to thank Harald(digitarald) for the great script
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