Laptop has just started running disk checks every time I start it up - getting blue screens as well

My laptop has just started doing a 'disk check' every time I turn it does not find anything, and is more an inconvenience than anything, but I wonder if it is a sign of something more ominous?
Also, I have had 2-3 blue screens of death last week, but the message does not stay long enough for me to know what is going on...
I run Vista Ultimate as the OS
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
You could try the advice from this page:
How Do I Prevent CHKDSK From Running Every Time My PC Starts?
What year did you purchase your laptop? If it is older than 2007, then maybe there are some hardware and
parts in your PC which not compatible with Windows Vista OS. I suggest you to downgrade your laptop to
Windows XP or maybe search for latest hardware driver for Windows Vista.
You can disable the Automatic Restart on Error option that is the default action in Vista, so that the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error message and STOP code can be read, as explained on this page:

Your hard disk may be on the verge of failing. I would suggest running a disk diagnostic utility. Most disk vendors have these for free.


IBM and Hitachi 




Western Digital
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HandsUpHolidays, any feedback?
HandsUpHolidaysAuthor Commented:
Yes, I ran the diagnostic tool for my Fujitsu computer (assuming it has a Fujitsu HDD!) and even after the extended test (2 hours) it found no problem.
But I am still getting the 'check disk' message every time I start up the computer.

PS - the computer came with Vista Basic installed, it is a 2007 laptop, but I did a fresh install of Vista Ultimate.
Thanks for your help!
HandsUpHolidaysAuthor Commented:
Should I prevent it, or is there a good reason why it is running the check disk?
The instructions on that page tell you how to temporarily prevent chkdsk from running; but then after you query the status of the "dirty bit" (which tells the operating system that chkdsk should be run) and it is set properly, you then reset the flag preventing chkdsk from running.  I have seen this problem solved in XP with another option: running chkdsk from the Recovery Console.  You can do something similar in Vista, where the "Recovery Environment" is Vista's replacement for XP's Recovery Console.  See this page for how to boot from your Vista DVD and use the Recovery Environment Command Prompt option in order to run chkdsk:
How to use the Command Prompt in the Vista Windows Recovery Environment
HandsUpHolidaysAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I will check it out!
I think my comment at ID:21812262 should have been the solution.
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