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I have two firewalls , primary firewall and secondary firewall which is also acting as defaultgateway to the clients for accessing internet. On the client side the default gateway i configured the IP's of these two firewalls, one as primary gateway and other as secondary gateway.
If the internet is down on one of the gateway then can client switch to secondary gateway automatically, remember the local IP assigned to primary firewall and secondary firewall. i mean even if the internet connection is down the windows clients will still see that the default gateway is active. Is there any way of defining the cleints to switch to secondary gateway automatically.

Thanks in Advance
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orcicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd suggest you using a router with load balancing
this looks pretty good but still requires a little human interaction -
secondary DNS probably taking time to register.

to resolve this problem you can use Proxy Server as Gateway. and configure proxy IP as gateway in client machine.

In case your Internet goes down you need to change Gateway of your ProxyServer Only.
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