What SMTP commands can I disable on ISA 2006 SMTP FILTER?


I what commands can I disable to increase security on SMTP filter.
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Nyah247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My opinion...  If you start disabling commands things will start to break.  Personally I would just leave things as they are unless you really know what you are doing and who you are getting the info from.  However...  If you still want to look into it there is a detailed paper that can be found here:  https://www2.sans.org/reading_room/whitepapers/email/1590.php
Stephen MandersonSoftware EngineerCommented:
The default settings on the SMTP filter are pretty thorough. In my own experience changing these commands can have an adverse effect on incoming mail traffic as a whole Good or bad. I would tend to lean towards letting mail security software handle the messaging and would highly recommend GFI Mailsecurity for this task.

jacksch4820Author Commented:
Thanks create article
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