Boot Record Vs Master Boot Record

what is difference between Boot Record and Master Boot Record ? If i have a disk with 3 drives, C, D and E, and Operating System is loaded at C then which of these 3 have Boot Record/Master Boot Record.

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Jk387Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey astudent i decided to wiki the two.
It looks like i had it right for the most part although the volume boot record can sometimes be partitioned which should have been obvious to me... hence the the hard drives without the the opertating system beeing considered boot records... they are obviously still partitioned.  So from the two articles what i got is Master boot is the hard drive boot sector with the operating system on it.  Volume boot is any data storage device that is able to be used as a boot device but does not have the operating system loaded.  It also looks like they get a whole lot more technical than that even.  Google the two names, a whole bunch of articles saying mostly the same thing come up but they all seem to have little bits of info in them that are added or slightly different than the other articles.
I believe a master boot record is the boot sector of a partitioned data storage device so a hard drive and a boot record also known as a volume boot record is the boot sector of a non-partitioned device. so a cd/dvd rom device
oh i forgot the other part of the question....  I believe that your other two D and E hard drives would be considered boot record because they don't have any bootable option on them...  I could be wrong though but that is how i understand it to be.
astudentAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jk387,

i am looking for more replies from experts.
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