Display XML data using ASP (Datagrid or GridView)


I need to display contents of an XML file using ASP, either with a DataGrid or GridView object - to be honest I am unsure of the differences between these.

The XML data is exported out of a legacy database we have, and the actual data is held between tags, rather than an attribute of the tag (i.e. <tag> Data Here </tag>).

Please could someone explain how to bind the XML with either a DataGrid or GridView. My knowledge of XML is ok, but knowledge of ASP is very limited.

Thanks in advance...
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dosthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in asp there is no grid view or datagrid, i hope you mean asp.net right?
gczAuthor Commented:
Sorry, this link didn't really help me. Could you elaborate a little?
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gczAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this. It turns out that the problem was that the XML data being created by our database was not being formed correctly.

The article on the second link has helped me create what I needed. Thanks.
gczAuthor Commented:
Also, sorry I did mean ASP.NET - my bad!
thanks for the point
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