Developing a Payroll System in Filemaker

Hi Experts,

I am trying to create a payroll / leave system in Filemaker. The objective is:

1. Get daily time & attendance data from bio metric machine from remote offices
2. Import the txt file to filemaker DB
3. Calculate employee salary based on a monthly payroll period
4. Have ability to print all employee payslips for a give payroll period in one hit
5. Export employee payroll list with salary amount as excel report for finance
6. Calculate employee absence data - link to online self service leave request application (Using Filemkaer API for PHP) where employees can request leave, have this approved by a manger and deduct from the employees remaining allowed days quota

Basically can anyone tell me a ER diagram of the correct database structure to achieve this, including links and calculations?? Or better yet has a working example of a filemaker payroll system to download??

I have attached the sample data from the time attendance machine to this post as well as my current database layout.

I am totally new to database stuff so any help will be greatly appreciated.

All the best,


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ee_autoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Question PAQ'd, 500 points refunded, and stored in the solution database.
if, you're totally new to databases, I would certainly not start with such an application, too many consequences if case of of pbs.
On top, a payroll is something generic almost, there are plenty out of the shelf, so it is rarely useful to write yours, just choose one which allows to report to yr finance dept correctly, and do the biometric i/f if not supported only.
Payrolls and Accounting is someting I would never write, too much work and rules to respect, buying one is a lot cheaper, and save time to design what is specific to your company.
sam_thwaitesAuthor Commented:
Hi Lesouef

Do you have any suggestion for good off the shelf Filemaker HRSM and Payroll Systems.
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unfortunately no since these apps are closely related to each country law, same as accounting apps, so all I know are my country applications (France). The only software editor which is having apps in several languages here is Sage (UK originilly), but I have no experience with their offer; check if they have something within your country.
Peter HarrisFileMaker Developer at CognitiveCommented:
If you were going to build a custom solution it would be best to hire an experienced FileMaker developer as it really would be a challenge for someone new to databases to meet your requirements.
sam_thwaitesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment Cogitive, After searching for both good HRD software and a filemaker developer in Indonesia without results I decided to create the system myself. Current status is it is live and running well, even managed to get it online through our intranet. Filemaker is an amazing bit of software and easy to pickup.
Peter HarrisFileMaker Developer at CognitiveCommented:
Slight sidetrack - but wondering what do you use for intranet access? Is it VPN software?
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