best switch for mid size company

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can somebody recommend which would be best switch for smb. We are looking for managed layer 2 switch with all the features like port mirroring, port aggregation, poe etc
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how many users?

Lots of questions...

How many ports?
Do you need all gig or will 10/100 ports work for you?
Need uplink ports? Fiber? Copper?
Need more than one switch?  Stackable?
Preferred manufacturer?
Layer 3 capability?


I am looking for a 24 port switch, all ports should be gig enabled, I would be nice to have a copper uplink port, stackable is required, as usual budget is limited, no layer 3 required, no preferred manufacturer but definitely a known brand.
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You may check the below vendors:

4-HP Procurve

I personally recommend Foundry.
Normally, if you have a requirement for stacking, you would use 48-port switches.
One 48-port switch is going to be cheaper than two stacked 24-port switches, takes up less space also.
Here are switches I know of, that meet all your requirements.

Cisco Catalyst 3750G series
Extreme Summit X450a series
Nortel ERS 4526 series
3Com 4200G series
3Com 4500G series
3Com 4800G series
HP ProCurve 2800 series
HP ProCurve 2900 series
HP ProCurve 3400 series
SMC TigerStack 8700 series
SMC TigerStack 8800 series
Dell PowerConnect 6200 series
Netgear ProSafe GSM 7300 series

The Cisco, Extreme, and Nortel are going to be more expensive.

In my opinion:
You can never fo wrong buying Cisco (if you've got the budget).
I'm a fan of Extreme, but they are pricey.
I've had some bad experiences with 3Com the last couple of years.
Ive had surprisingly good experience with the Dell switches.
I haven't use HP or SMC for quite a while so I can't really say one way or the other.

Your choices boil down to money.
If you've got it, then go with Cisco or Extreme
If money is limited, my preference would be Dell or HP.


how about linksys?

To my knowledge, Linksys doesn't make a stackable gigabit switch.

I'd go for a CISCO cat express 500.  

The Catalyst Express series of switches are not capable of stacking.
Also the only Cat500 flavor that is a gig switch is the 12-port model.

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