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I have a simple Client / Server example written in VS 2005 C#.  I am testing both on the _same_ XP SP2 machine.  I am trying to make the Client send the Server a UDP message.  In the CLient, if I use my loopback address like below, all works as expected.  If I instead use my actualy IP address in the Client, then it does not work.  But I need the UDP packet to actually go across the wire.  Any ideas?

Works : IPAddress broadcast = IPAddress.Parse("");
Does not Work:  IPAddress broadcast = IPAddress.Parse(_myIPAdrress_);
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p_davisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and it is quite possible that it is antivirus/firewall related. but strip your scenario down to the barest esentials when working with ip's that aren't, working.
when you tested it with your ip did you disable the loopback adapter?
Did you get an execption?   If so, what did it say?
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HenriciAuthor Commented:
I did not disable the loopback adapter and I am not sure why that would matter.  No, I did not get an exception.  I suspect this is a Firewall thing but not sure how to proceed.
So, just disable the firewall completely, to see if that fixes it.   If so,  you can go back and do a more "surgical approach" to allow your application to pass.
i know that sometimes -- depending on  the drivers that i use for my adapters, they can get 'confused' like i have to disable my wireless to get my net nic or wireless nic to work or my wireless to get my net nic or loopback to work. why not just try it and see?
Out of curiosity, was it the firewall like graye suggested several posts back, or was it an antivirus issue like p_davis suggested.

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