push registry fix through group policy

I have Server 2003 dc. i need to push registry fix through group policy to whole domain...

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Raymond JansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If changing the domain computers registry through group policy is not working for you, you can consider the following alternative:

1. Change the registry on 1 computer in the domain manually. Export this setting (HKLM\Software\Oracle only.
2. Save the registry file, f.i. oracle.reg
3. Copy the file oracle.reg to the netlogon share of your domain controller (\\server\NETLOGON)
4. Edit the logon batch file to include: regedit /s oracle.reg

When a domain computers logs onto the domain, the registry will be updated.

Does this work for you?

you need to create a custom ADM file in most cases

or you can use the NUTS package to build them
inazirAuthor Commented:
Thank for your reply:

Here is exactly what i have to do i have to go in the registry under


FORMS60_PATH:              G:\Oracle6i;G:\Oracle6i\PlSqlLib;G:\Oracle6i\Printers
REPORTS60_PATH:           G:\Report60;G:\Report60\Printers;G:\Report60\PlSqlLib

I have to change G:\ to C:\

Can someone advice me step by step process how to modify this registy key and then push it to all the computers in domain through Group Policy.

Thank you..
inazirAuthor Commented:
I still don't have a fix. Is there a 3rd party software that will let you edit registry and have it pushed to every computer on the domain.

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