Mailboxes not being created...

I have a client who was running a Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server.  They were not using Exchange because they did not how to configure it, etc.  Another tech was hired before me and recommended to the owner that another dedicated Exchange server be built.  Accordingly, a new server was ordered and Windows Server 2003 Standard was installed along with Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise edition.  The new server was joined to the domain and the Exchange server was brought online.  Next, the mailboxes were moved from the SBS Exchange server to the new Exchange server via the mailbox move wizard, without any error.  Next, all Exchange services were turned off on the SBS server, leaving only one Exchange server.

Here is the issues:  When I create a new user account ADCU on either the SBS server or the Exchange server, I am able to see the user account via the ADUC on the other sever but no e-mail boxes are ever created.  I have verified that during the user account creation that it is selected to create an Exchange mailbox on the proper server.

I have been troubleshooting this issue for 2 days without luck.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Andres PeralesCommented:
I am kind of confused so you are trying to create accounts with exchange mailboxes from which server / machine?  The SBS machine or the exchange server?
YortAuthor Commented:
From the Exchange server.

I only created a test account from the SBS server to make sure that I could view that account via ADUC on the Exchange to server (testing to make certain that AD was working properly across the domain).
When you create the user account is it getting an email addressed stamped?
IE email addresses tab, is it empty?
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YortAuthor Commented:
Yes, there is an e-mail tab but it is empty.
Put an email address in there then try and create the mailbox.
If it works your recipient update service is broken and causing the issue.
If my above asusmption works ok then you need to first check DNS for issues - can you resolve name to the exchange server...Did you update the SRV record to reflect the new exchange server?

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YortAuthor Commented:
I have not updated the SRV records to reflect the new Exchange Server.  Where is this records located so I can update it?
You could; start the old Exchange services and do a proper migration to the new server -> <- you are missing all the policies and probably most of the system folders.

The problem is, the client has been led down a garden path, and there is nothing but a whole world of hurt at the end.  Are you brave enough to be the one to say "You have been shafted, lets try and do this properly instead of this half baked idea you have paid $20k for" at the risk of losing the client?
YortAuthor Commented:
I understand your point, however, I am leary of moving backward and more apt to troubleshoot and determine how to correct the existing setup.
Troubleshooting a failed architecture is like bailing out a sinking ship with a table spoon - I pointed out the migration guide you would need to follow if you want to immediately resolve the problem of not creating mailboxes, but my recommendation still is that you do it properly.  If you don't like that idea, ask the client - if you told them right now that they had been taken for a ride and they have two options, to either a) spend 2 days getting the system working properly when you completely overhaul it, or b) spend half a day fixing the immediate problem but end up in a wildly unsupported state (meaning if you call MS, they can't help you) - at least then your conscience is clear.

Further to that, I wish you the best of luck, no matter which way you go.

YortAuthor Commented:
To all,

Turns out the issue was the way I named the new OU in AD.  I named the OU WCSI/PISI.  The / in the name was the culprit.  I renamed the OU WCSIPISI and now everything works as it should.
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