Delete flash:C3750blah will not allow delete; is a directory. What's the workaround?

Delete flash:C3750blah will not allow delete; message "error deleting flash <filename_blah>is a directory". What's the workaround? How does one delete a file w/o access to the directory structure?
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Deleting Files
When you no longer need a file on a flash memory device, you can permanently delete it. To delete a file or directory from a specified flash device, use the delete [/force] [/recursive] [filesystem:]/file-url privileged EXEC command.

Use the /recursive keyword for deleting a directory and all subdirectories and the files contained in it. Use the /force keyword to suppress the prompting that confirms a deletion of each file in the directory. You are prompted only once at the beginning of this deletion process. Use the /force and /recursive keywords for deleting old software images that were installed by using the archive download-sw command but are no longer needed.

If you omit the filesystem: option, the switch uses the default device specified by the cd command. For file-url, you specify the path (directory) and the name of the file to be deleted.

When you attempt to delete any files, the system prompts you to confirm the deletion.

straight from cisco site.
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