Script to Get Server Info

Does anyone know of a script that I can run that will go to a specific server on my network and return the

1. Operating System
2. Disks and space left on them
3. SQL Server Version
4. Memory and type
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these may help:

-- Server Info
SELECT  CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'MachineName' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS MachineName ,
        CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'InstanceName' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS Instance ,
        CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'ProductVersion' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS ProductVersion ,
        CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'ProductLevel' )  AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS ProductLevel ,
        CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'Edition' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS Edition ,
       ( CASE SERVERPROPERTY( 'EngineEdition')
            WHEN 1 THEN 'Personal or Desktop'
            WHEN 2 THEN 'Standard'
            WHEN 3 THEN 'Enterprise'
       END ) AS EngineType ,
       CAST( SERVERPROPERTY( 'LicenseType' ) AS varchar( 30 ) ) AS LicenseType ,
         SERVERPROPERTY( 'NumLicenses' ) AS #Licenses;

-- Drive Space
EXEC master..xp_fixeddrives
The best choice for this is to use WMI.. it will provide the information you need.
computerstreberAuthor Commented:
sbagireddi, your answer is reall good. Is there a way to include the OS on the server and memory; type and amount? I looked up the syntax for SERVERPROPERTY and I did not see anything related to those.  
I do not think that any of the system tables in SQL server carry information pertaining to the OS of the server.
Again I may be wrong.
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