List of mailbox in Storage Group

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How to show mailboxes in Storage Group in Exchange 2007?
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BSonPoshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should do it

Get-StorageGroup -Identity "pmvrmail01\10th SG" | Get-MailboxDataBase | get-mailbox

Install Microsoft powershell abd run the following command.

get-mailbox | export-csv c:\scripts\test.csv
I cant test this, but this seems more likely

Get-StorageGroup <name> | Get-mailbox
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reysriveraAuthor Commented:

I issue this command got this error, see below

Get-StorageGroup -Identity "pmvrmail01\10th SG" | get-mailbox

Error Msg:
Get-Mailbox : The operation could not be performed because object 'PMVRMAIL01\10th SG' could not be found on domain controller XYZ.
At line:1 char:61
+ Get-StorageGroup -Identity "pmvrmail01\10th SG" | get-mailbox <<<<
[PS] C:\Windows\System32>
reysriveraAuthor Commented:
If I issue cmd "Get-StorageGroup" and I'll get all my Storage Group. If I issue "Get-Mailbox" I'll list all my mailbox but That's not what I want to do. I want a list of mailboxes in certail Storage Group.
reysriveraAuthor Commented:
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