Need Help Moving VM's between VmWare ESX servers

OK, let me start out by saying I'm still very new to the VmWare world and I have inherided to vmware server from the previous admin. Anyway I need to transfer a *.VMDK file / VM from on ESX server running 2.5.4 to another on running 2.5.3 and 3.0. I have tried using secure ftp but this isn't working that well. I have tried to move this image between vmware server using WinSCP but this isn't working? What is the best / fastest way to move images between VMWare servers? CAn the vmware converter be used to move VM between server even it they are both running the same version? Also can WINSCP be used? PLease help
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pbeirneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you have SSH enabled in the ESX firewall.

GUI select the host and choose the configuraton tab.  Goto Security profile and choose properties.
Put a check in the box for Inbound SSH.

Please post the exact error message.
Do you have a SAN?
Are you using Virtual Center?
If you have the proper file permissions set, SCP should work.

FastSCP ( supposedly works 6x faster than WinSCP and allows you to copy directly fromm ESX server to ESX server rather than having to first copy the file to your workstation as with WinSCP.

Converter should also be able to do the trick.

What errors are you getting when trying to copy the files?
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I'd use convertor, and "pull" the virtual machine from the ESX server down to your local machine as a workstation-style VM.  Then, use convertor again to migrate it to the other ESX server.

Yes, you can go from ESX to ESX, however you mentioned there are some different version in play.  Especially going to the 3.0 server, you might have some security changes you need to make to make that work.

Alternatively... go to VMware's site and get an evaluation download of VirtualCenter.  Then, you can just drag and drop the VM from one to the other and it will figure it out for you.
All of the above solutions would be good ones. Just a comment to a statement above here...

The reason FastSCP is much faster than WinSCP (or other scp/sftp solutions) is because it's not using an encrypted file transfer protocol, but instead ftp+compression.

Of the above solutions, using VMware Converter is probably the easiest solution to get started with.

If you have a SAN and see the LUNs on several servers you can move your VMs very easy and quickly between your ESX2.x servers, even if you don't have VC.

Are you using virtual center? Do all your esx servers share the same storage?

if you are using virtual center and all esx servers share the same storage then all you need to do is right click on the virtual machine and choose to remove from inventory. This will remove the assosciation from the 2.5 esx server and put the vm in limbo. Once its removed simply go to the 3.0 esx and browse the datastore that the vm is on and find the vmx file. Right click on the vmx file and choose add to inventory.

All this can be done in around 15min or less. (Make sure you update your virtual hardware when your done)

Virtual center is not a requirement to do this but your 2.5 and your 3.0 esx servers need to be able to see the same datastores

compdigit44Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies everyone...Our vmware do have use a SAN unfortuantly...and we are not running VmWare Virtual Center
you would probably be better off imaging than ftp or winscp because those take forever. You could image your old box that is on 2.5 then create a new box on 3.0 and then apply your image to it.
compdigit44Author Commented:
Ok I just tried to download the FASTSCP client when the copy kicks off it states it cannot file something in the escconfig -firewall???? Please advise???
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