Deploy the App to the C: Drive?

I am installing Exchange 2007 to Server 2008 and have the OS on the C with Raid 1 and plenty of room, after the OS I was installed I still have over 50 gigs.  I also have room on an external 4 disk Raid 10 array and have an app drive and a drive set aside for the Exchange DB.  My initial feeling is to put it on the Raid 10 Array but am basically interested in finding which way might provide the best performance.  Any suggestions?  Its not got a whole lot of reduncancy but it is a fibre channel.
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Where you install exchange is trivial - where you keep the databases and transaction logs is what is important.

Having Exchange installed on the C:, and the databases on their own array is good.  Having the transaction logs on their own array as well is better.
why not partition the local drive into two, then split the swap files onto both parts.
Exchange DB is better locally, for reliability and speed, but I doubt you will see any noticeable performance hit from using a SAN for the extra redundancy.
What and where are your DB's getting backed up to? This could make a difference in your approach too.
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