what activeX control windows update history

My task is to get the information of Update History

Inside Internet Explorer, go to Tools  -> Windows Update

Then go to Review your Update History
what activex control it and how to use it?  preferably from vb6

any suggestions?
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Yes, some methods are as follows:

Do you want to get the list of Windows Update history and put it in your VB application?
smaysharAuthor Commented:
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smaysharAuthor Commented:
I have open visual.net creadet a form and a webrowser Control.
loaded the url http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us
As it show me all the records I need how do I grab all that data from it for me to use??
According to the ActiveX in Download Programs, I found that it uses WUAPI 2.0 Type Library (wuapi.dll) which you can find in (c:\windows\system32\wuapi.dll)
Add a reference to this and I wrote code Query the information based on what the object browser displayed.
Option Explicit
Public Sub QueryRecentUpdates()
Dim nUpdates    As Long
Dim UPD         As UpdateSession
Dim oSearch     As IUpdateSearcher
Dim Col         As IUpdateHistoryEntryCollection
Dim Query       As IUpdateHistoryEntry
Set UPD = New UpdateSession             '// Setup our session object
Set oSearch = UPD.CreateUpdateSearcher  '// Get pointer to searcher
nUpdates = oSearch.GetTotalHistoryCount  '// Get total history count
Set Col = oSearch.QueryHistory(0, nUpdates)  '// Get pointer to collection
For Each Query In Col   '// Display the data in the collection
    Debug.Print Query.Title
'// Cleanup
Set UPD = Nothing
Set oSearch = Nothing
Set Col = Nothing
Set Query = Nothing
End Sub

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smaysharAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot this is a big step forward
do you know how to get the hole field in that table?

what i get in col is the update column and I need the
 product | status | Date | source as well

smaysharAuthor Commented:
you are the best
smaysharAuthor Commented:
eqi1044 thanks alot i am still missing the status column how can i tell from the methods the status or is there another way or method
smaysharAuthor Commented:
eqi1044 i found the method thanks again
Than you smayshar.

Feel free to post what you are using to display the column. You are talking about the smaller title and not the update title itself correct?
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