jquery jeditable data in the flexigrid

Hello Experts,
I am using the code below to post the jEditable column data via Ajax request. At present it is posting data for all the jEditable columns available in the Flexigrid rows. However I wanted to post data only for the row which are selected.  
Please can someone advice/help in this?
Your help is much appreciated.
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hieloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>However I wanted to post data only for the row which are selected
Have you bothered to code sendRequest:

function sendRequest(url, data)
alert( url );
alert( data);

//here is were you can send and ajax request, which you have already done before
        type: "POST",
        url: url,
        data: "sending=" + escape(data);
        success: function(msg)
                          alert("completed. Data returned" + msg);

newbie27Author Commented:

I am using attached function to submit data using ajax, I now know which jEditable column has been edited by this function

   function getSelected()
                         function(){ sendRequest( 'yourpage.asp', 'id='+$(this).val()+'&val='+ escape($(".edit_area", $(this).parent().parent().parent()).html()) );}
Can you please assist me in making this function used in the submitForm() so that I can retrieve it on the  "list_save_proxy.asp" page.

thanks for your hlep
newbie27Author Commented:
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