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Hello Expert,

Just a quick question on the way I am handing the Flexigrid data, I just have a thought to make the default flexigrid as a dynamic one, then we don't need two different IDs.

whether its a cookie list or list name from the <SELECT> we show in the same flexigrid, is this not possible?

as we are doing now for all the <SELECT> listnames...

<div id="defaultResults"><table id="listDisplay" style="display:none"></table></div>                        
<span id="dynamicResults"><table id="listDisplay1" style="display:none"></table></span>      

Please advice
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hieloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> same flexigrid, is this not possible?
Of course. I don't know why you chose two different <table>. I thought you had some "plan" for it. To be able to "repopulate" the same <table> you would need to wrap it in some container element like a div:
<div id="flexicontainer"><table id="listDisplay></table></div>

 and whenever you want to populate it, before you attempt to make the flexigrid ajax call you would need to obliterate the contents of flexigridcontainer as follows:
$("#flexicontainer").html('<table id="listDisplay" style='display:none;'></table>');
newbie27Author Commented:
newbie27Author Commented:
Then I wont need

function checkAll(id )
      $( id +" > tbody > tr > td > div > input.chkRefNos").each(function(){
                this.checked = id;


   ( listID=="#listDisplay") ? {display: '<input type="checkbox" name="chkAll" onclick="checkAll(&#39;#listDisplay&#39;)"/> All', width : 30} : {display: '<input type="checkbox" name="chkAll" onclick="checkAll(&#39;#listDisplay1&#39;)"/> All', width : 30},


please advice

i have moved all the function to the list.js file Hielo
newbie27Author Commented:
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