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Hi all,

We recently inherited a company that has a Firebox III / 700 in place. They currently have RUVPN set up so that one user can get in at a time. Im new to the firebox world but have done some homework& and I have a few questions I cant seem to find answers to.

First of all, Im assuming that MUVPN licenses will apply to RUVPN connections, is that correct? Maybe someone could even point me in the direction to where I could purchase the 5 pack for this specific model since it's aged some?

The biggest problem is that inside the policy manager under the mobile user licenses tab there arent any licenses listed. Is this because the 700 comes with one connection, or was it purchased and its buried somewhere else or in a different cfg file? I was hoping to find a place that had a single connection license and I could shoot 5 more at it.

I appreciate any help. I have the manuals and have read them, but before spending a bunch of money Id prefer to have some input.

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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think under RUVPN; the IP pool you have created contains only one virtual IP address; add more addresses and this do the trick. Please check and update.

Thank you.
On FB III/700 RUVPN or PPTP VPN is not a licensed feature. MUVPN is a licensed feature.

I do not understand:
>> RUVPN set up so that one user can get in at a time

This should not be true.

Which version of WG software are you running. The instructions might vary for license verification. Normally in Policy Manager->Setup->Licenses is the place where you can view license installed on the box.

Thank you.
mike2747Author Commented:
Thank you for the response! Since it is not a licensed feature I guess my question is why can only 1 user be logged into the VPN at a time? I've reserved three addresses inside the firebox for remote users to use, so I know it's not that. Here's a couple screen shots to answer your questions above. Again, I really appreciate the help!
mike2747Author Commented:
This was it! I figured this out yesterday when I saw the IP I was receiving from the VPN was the last of the three listed to dish out. I added a couple more and it now accepts more than one connection at a time. Your solution was right on to what solved the problem. Thanks!
Happy I could help, thank you for the points! :)
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