how do i make outlook configure itself initially when a user logs in using group policy

Hi All

wondered if I can get help on this one, its one of my pet hates.

Initially when i set a user up in AD and exchange I log the guy on first to set up his mail account in outlook (as it asks you for mail server and user name)
surely theres a way of making this happen automatically when the user double clicks his icon on the desktop, it should just open and start downloading their email.

Is there a way I can define this in group policy at all, or maybe a script failing that.
I downloaded the office 2003 adm files which include outlook 2003 adm files but there is alot to it.

Does anyone have any fast track ideas about this?
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coolsport00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
for example, if you open up the setup.ini file, there is a place that says [MST] and a description (like: "; The MST section gives the full path to a transform that should be applied. The semicolon at the front is for other words, it's syntax that doesn't "execute" during the install).

Here's an example of the MST area of the setup.ini:

; The MST section gives the full path to a transform that should be applied.

RPUKsupportAuthor Commented:
i dont know about that, i just image clients when they come in, i dont use ad to do any software roleouts. could this mst file be roled out to give all correct settings to office? Is there no group policy or script for this at all?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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JaredJ1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use something called a PRF file - It's an Outlook profile creator essentially. You use the Resource kit to create the PRF file. Once created you can just launch the file and it creates the Outlook profile with all of the Exchange settings etc. You could import it with command line:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe /importprf \\server\share\outlook.prf
You could just launch the prf file by script but depending on the version of Outlook it will or will not launch Outlook at the same time. If using 2003 or later it will launch Outlook. If using an earlier version of outlook it will just silently import the settings and then the next time the user launches Outlook it will already be configured.
Also, just to be clear - there is no group policy setting to configure the Exchange settings in an Outlook profile.
I think you can use group Policy to do this, but only with Outlook 2007
No...there is no GP setting to do this; Outlook 2K7 was created to 'Autodiscover' the Exchange 2K7 server (Outlook 2K3/Exchg2K3 don't perform this). Unfortunately, except for what maybe "JaredJ1" suggested, there is no simple way. I created an MST file for my org a yr ago, but there is nothing configurable in the MST settings to "discover" the Exchange server automatically.

RPUKsupportAuthor Commented:
I have created an MST but how do i get this to work
i have no idea as to what to do with it now, i followed the instructions but i have defo done something wrong as it doesnt want to do anything
You have to add the file path of the MST file to the office installation setup.ini file.
RPUKsupportAuthor Commented:
Cheers guys
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