VB6 app using SQL 2000 with Crystal Reports XI works on XP but not Vista

I have a VB6 app that was created to use Crystal Reports 10 and I have updated it to use Crystal Reports 11.5 SP4.   The app launches my Crystal Report correctly on an XP box, however, I get an error 18456 when I try to launch the report in Vista.  (see attached report for error, it is very simple, no other error codes, just 18456).
The machine is a laptop that was once XP then upgraded to Vista. The hard drive was not formatted at the time of upgrade.
I have SQL Server 2000 loaded on the Vista box.
I have created an MSI from the newest Crystal Reports XI Merge Modules (crxir2sp3_rdc_merge_modules.zip) and ran the MSI on the Vista machine without a problem.
I have turned off the Windows firewall in an attempt to see if that was the problem, I have turned it back on and in the Exceptions I have added SQL Service Manager, Server Network Utility and my VB6 app.
I started with a simple report which has no parameters and no restrictions, it just pulls data from one table.
I am using Crystal Reports XI Developer Edition.
My VB6 works fine and I can open it and see data.
I can use SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager to view the data in the database.
My laptop is the server and the workstation.

In case this matters: I did have an "incompatible" warning when I attempted to re-install SQL Server 2000, which I assumed was because SQL Server 2000 came about before Vista. I just continued the installation and it seemed to be fine.

My question is, "What are some common SQL related settings (or files) on the Vista box that I could be missing or have set incorrectly that I might be able to manipulate to make my Crystal Reports launch from my VB6 app.

Many Thanks,
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sk8divaAuthor Commented:
Thanks mlmcc, I kept going back to the integrated security document as you mentioned earlier.  I decided to turn on the integrated security on the report (since it was turned off when created in Crystal Reports 10) and when I saved the changes to my report, bam, works like a charm.  So, now I just have see what it will be like when I use an enviroment where I don't have administrator rights.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
sk8divaAuthor Commented:
I read some posts where many people state that SQL 2000 will not work on Vista.  So, I also tried pointing my VB6 app to my XP box and have it be the server.  I can log into my VB app just fine from my vista workstation, but I still receive the same 18456 error when trying to launch the report from the Vista workstation.  The same report works fine on the XP server.
Crystal requires an update to run on Vista
See this article from BO.

Is that Release 2 of Crystal?  Release 2 is only for .Net VS 2005 compatibility.

sk8divaAuthor Commented:
mlmcc - Thank you for the reply.  I had already tried Crystal XI R2 SP2 and had no luck.  I currently have Crystal Reports XI SP2 SP4 loaded but still no luck.  When I did try to install SP2 as listed above, a message returned stating the ServicePack was detected on the machine and would not be installed.

I guess the question I have regarding the whole Vista compatibility thing is , "are there certain Crystal Report XI runtime files that are compatible with Vista that I need to check and make sure are in place within my Vista environment?"  If Business Objects would provide that list, I think there wouldn't be as many posts flying around regarding this.

If you have any other ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.  I am continuing to search every place I can think of to find an answer.  I truly appreciate your reply.
I don't know.  The list of files required was dropped in CR10 when they moved to the merge modules.
This is  a bit old but might be applicable

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