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I just recently setup a new dc with all the fsmo roles.  I am trying to setup the time server to sync with an external time source.  So I found the microsoft support artical on how to configure an authoritavtive time server in windows server 2003.  The time server I used to sync with is, but after making the change and waiting a day our domain time is 5 minutes off the correct time.

Does anyone have any idea why it would be off 5 minutes?  Is there a better time server I should be using?


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JanSchotsmansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its actually better to use the servers then the ones on microsoft site.

You can set them easely on your DC's with the command beneath.
As you can see from the naming, these are 3 roundribbon pools of sntp servers.
net time /setsntp:""

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You should use at least three time servers.  Here's a list from Microsoft,
Is your bios clock on the server off by 5 minutes per chance? Have a look see.
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bjenningsAuthor Commented:
JanSchotsmans - I can add them right from the command line and not in the  the registry?
Yeah, last time I did it I actually checked in the registry to see if it was updated and it was right there, so no worries, just add and all will be better.
kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
there are many free ntp servers, is not accurate, i think it newer worked. For most accurate time you have to look for list of time server according to your location. then you will time command as mentioned above:

net time /setsntp:here you will type names or ip adresses of ntp servers.

then restart time service

sc stop w32time
sc start w32time

Attention: be sure that port 123 is available, this port is needed for NTP servers
kanalQkoTechnical Support EngineerCommented:
oh sorry and the best way is to buy your own ntp server, it receives time from GPS satellites, it`s most accurate, tyr to check symmetricom, cost is in average 9000$
bjenningsAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much!!!
bjenningsAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the quick response!
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