How to play locked or encrypted movies

I use u-torrent to download the movies, some time while running movies, it ask to go on a specific web site to get encrypt code or security code.

Any way to run these locked or encrypted movies
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kanalQkoConnect With a Mentor Technical Support EngineerCommented:
There`s no way how to unlock movie, I`ve wasted too much time trying to unlock. If the movies are crypted DRM 2.0 technology there`s only one way, you have to buy key (licence) and after you can play movie maybe once maybe twice, maybe for two days, it depends of type of licence. But if you get licence you can capture video via many software`s that will transfer your crypted movie to non-crypted
deltex141Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you downloaded some secured video

Asking to get around this is probably against the rules here.
slam69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Anything that can done would probably be a hack and a breach of the rules of this forum so I would have to say no sorry bud, it would be breaching copyright to hack through these security codes
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cpottercpotterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most of those are phonies where they want you to signup or pay for a media player that "supposedly" unlocks/plays the movie. Read the comments first.
kanalQkoConnect With a Mentor Technical Support EngineerCommented:
probably you can try software named TuneBite
LifeLine_saAuthor Commented:
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