How do I make Java authentication with windows AD (kerberos) work in Crystal Reports Infoview?

I am having a problem with getting windows AD authentication working when I use Kerberos authentication.  It works fine when I use NTLM authentication, but I heard the kerberos authentication (java) made for a simpler login (single sign on?), so I've been trying to get this to work.  Whenever I check to 'use kerberos authentication' though, it gives the error:
 "Account Information Not Recognized: Active Directory Authentication failed to log you on. Please contact your system administrator to make sure you are a member of a valid mapped group and try again. "
I have done everything in the pdfs on business objects website, have created a mapped group for crystal reports, made an account and did setspn.exe as instructed, created krb5.ini and bcsLogin.conf, and added the following to the tomcat java config:\windows\bscLogin.conf\windows\Krb5.ini

I wasn't sure exactly what went in those 2 files, but here they are:

    default_realm = COMPANY.LOCAL

    dns_lookup_kdc = true

    dns_lookup_realm = true



    default_domain = COMPANY.LOCAL


bcsLogin.conf: { required;


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've searched all over for information regarding this and it's pretty scarce.
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asimmunshiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
allright - so if your end goal is AD single sign on you have 2 options

1. Integrate with AD using Kereberos (what you are trying to do)
2. Configure Vintela single sign on -- this requires another SPN after you get the AD integration working


1. Integrate with AD just to get the user ids in.
2. Front TOMCAT with IIS and configure the Jakartha connector
3. Configure Trusted authentication with remote_user

You are all set.
the alternative is much easier to configure.
For AD integration -- with Kerberos --- if you have the SPN right - CMC authentication works very quickly...
there might  be other silly DNS issues which might require troubleshooting...In my opinion you need more help than a forum posting. possibly a consultant onsite. This can probably happen in a day or two max.
I assume you followed the Java SSO doc from BOBJ to get this far.  We got this working on XI R2 without too much trouble.
As far as theose two files go, you probably need to talk to your sys admin to get that info as it is specific to your setup of Windows AD.
blackjack2003Author Commented:
The 2 files are correct as far as the contents I posted above, but I don't know whether there is supposed to be more lines, settings to them.
I've followed the Java doc from BOBJ step by step, but not knowing anything about Tomcat, or kerberos authentication at all, I'm at a loss for why it keeps giving the error: "Account Information Not Recognized: Active Directory Authentication failed to log you on. Please contact your system administrator to make sure you are a member of a valid mapped group and try again. "

ALOT of the steps in the install pdf from BOBJ didn't work, such as the setspn.exe part, when I entered it in the syntax they gave.  Have had to struggle through almost every step because it doesn't seem to work the way they say it will.  Any simple step by step guides for someone totally new to crystal reports out there that actually work?
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Create a directory WINNT on your c:\ and place the files bsclogin and krb.ini in there. Change the path in tomcat and restart.
I understand from your post that you have been able to map groups from AD? correct?
Are you able to log in to the CMC?
blackjack2003Author Commented:
The bsclogin and krb files are already in c:\winnt, with the path set in Tomcat.  The group is also already mapped from AD, and I can log in through the CMC, but only if I choose Enterprise authentication or switch from kerberos to NTLM for windows AD authentication.
blackjack2003Author Commented:\winnt\bscLogin.conf\winnt\Krb5.ini

In the 'Java Options', on the Java tab of the Tomcat Config is where the path is set, right?

Here's the whole Java options I have, if that helps:
-Djava.library.path=C:\WINDOWS\system32\;C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86\
-Dcatalina.base=C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat\
-Dcatalina.home=C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat\
-Djava.endorsed.dirs=C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat\common\endorsed\
-Dbusinessobjects.olap.stylesheets=C:\Program Files\Business Objects\OLAP Intelligence 11.5\stylesheets\\winnt\bscLogin.conf\winnt\Krb5.ini
you will have to play around with the DOMAIN NAMES as you have put in the krb5.ini
the default_domain in the krb5 file should match with what you have entered in CMC
make sure that these names are resolvable from the app server machine.
Login to CMC should not cause issues while login to Infoview will necessitate that your kinit works and you are able to pass a ticket.
I hear you mentioning SINGLE SIGNON -- I guess you are talking about configuring vintela here?
blackjack2003Author Commented:
The default_domain in the krb5.ini are the same as those I entered in the CMC, "COMPANY.LOCAL"
I can't log into either CMC or Infoview using Windows AD authentication when kerberos is selected, only when using NTLM.
As for the single signon, I wanted something where people wouldn't have to re-enter their username/pass, but rather sign on using the credentials from the windows log-on.  I don't know about vintela.
all right -- then back to basics...
describe your architecture for me...
what is the web application server you are using?
which version of bobj enterprise?
I guess all your services are running with the service account?
blackjack2003Author Commented:
Architecture: Crystal reports server is installed on SERVER2, which is also one of our DNS servers, a domain controller, and a print server.  It will be accessed from hosts in our COMPANY.LOCAL domain by http://server2:8080/businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/InfoView/logon/logon.object

Application server: I am trying to use Tomcat, but it won't work for me so far.

BOBJ version: crystal reports server  XI R2

I have created a service account in active directory called BOBJADMIN which is set as trusted for delegation to any service.
Under Domain security settings, BOBJADMIN is set to act as part of the operating system.

I did:
as specified in the bobj pdf on the crystal reports server CD.
so..just to add -- Vintela is a pure JAVA single sign on -- where in companies are averse to IIS (read microsoft)....whereas the alternative is relatively simple if you are allright with IIS
blackjack2003Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'll try for the IIS option since the vintela seems pretty complicated from what I saw poking around their site (plus it's more $).  One last question though:  How do I log into tomcat administration?  When I run Tomcat web server administration tool it won't accept any username / pass combination I try (tried admin / no password, administrator, root_user, etc.)  When I installed crystal reports server I chose tomcat, but it never had me set a username/pass.
blackjack2003Author Commented:
I also tried tomcat/tomcat for the log-in, and it just gives a HTTP Status 403 - Access to the requested resource has been denied.
blackjack2003Author Commented:
Refers to alot of things to do that I have no idea about, and no explanation (fronting tomcat with IIS, jakartha connector?).  Maybe it's just that I new to java, crystal reports, IIS, but it would have been great to have had a more detailed explanation.  I'm sure the process to set this up is simple to people with years experience doing such things, but I was hoping I could find a working solution to get this working for a novice like myself.
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