Event id: 9586 A problem occurred while doing OST sync operation for user xxxxxx

Exchange server 2003 is showing the following error in the event log.

Event ID: 9586

A problem occurred while doing OST sync operation for user Username.

 The message last attempted to sync was:


 Parent folder name: Outbox;  FID: 2-260EBEF;


 Message subject: Facilites Coverage for Company Name 6/23-7/7; MID: 1-8E6766; Error code: 0x80004005.

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chuck-williamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My next suggestion would be their windows profile and then uninstalling and reinstalling outlook or office. Hopefully it does not go that far.
Turn off offline folder files in outlook and then remove the ost on that users machine. Then re-enable offline folder file settings and let it recreate the ost.
EveryNetworkAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot to tell you , the outlook is configured in Non Cache mode, there is no ost file on user's computer.
Hmmm wierd ...  try to remove and comletely recreate their outlook profile on that machine.
EveryNetworkAuthor Commented:
Have done that, waiting for the exchange log to show any additional errors. will keep you posted.
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