Use output parameter in a store proc

I have two store procs : proc 1 and proc 2.

inside proc 1 i call proc 2. proc 2 has an output parameter  @var1. after running proc 2 i return back to proc 1. when i come back to proc 1 i want to use the output parameter from proc 2. can i do that. please give me an example.
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give this a go:

create proc proc2
@var1 int output
set @var1 = 5

create proc proc1
declare @outputval int
exec proc2 @var1 = @outputval output

select @outputval
pratikshahseAuthor Commented:
this does not work.
it keeps on saying

Procedure or function 'proc2' expects parameter '@var1', which was not supplied.
post your code...
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pratikshahseAuthor Commented:
proc 1

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[save_basedata_program]
      @BaseDataProgramID int Output,      
    @Description varchar(50),
      @ConsequenceGroupID      int,      
      @AttributeID int,
       @BasedataProgramTypeID int,
    @EnginePackageID int,
    @EffectiveDate    DateTime,
    @ExpirationDate DateTime,
      @DeActivateDate DateTime,
      @ClauseGroupXML xml



      @ErrNo                int,
      @ErrMsg               varchar(255),
      @iRowCount            int,
      @ClauseGroupID            int,
      @outputval int

set @ClauseGroupID = 0
Begin Tran
if (@DeActivateDate IS NULL OR @DeActivateDate =  '1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM')

-- Call Save Clause Group
select @ClauseGroupXML
select @ClauseGroupID
exec save_engine_clause_group ClauseGroupXML,@ClauseGroupID = @outputval output
select @ClauseGroupID

proc 2

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[save_engine_clause_group]

    @ClauseGroup  xml,      
    @EngineClauseGroupID int output




sql code

RETURN @EngineClauseGroupID
      RAISERROR @ErrNo @ErrMsg
      RETURN -1
Your procedure save_engine_clause_group has two params, but you're only passing in the first one.  You'll need to pass in an XML param and then the 2nd param followed by the OUTPUT statement

pratikshahseAuthor Commented:
so if i do something like this
exec save_engine_clause_group ClauseGroupXML,@ClauseGroupID, @var = @outputval output

it says too many arguments

try this instead:

exec save_engine_clause_group
@ClauseGroup  = @ClauseGroupID,      
@EngineClauseGroupID = @outputval output

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