Removing the second exchange server


I have 2 exchange servers in my domain (Exchange Std 2003) and I need to remove one of them  (the last installed one).
I have already tried to uninstall it, but it didn't allowed me to do so for the computer was not connected to the network.
I am afraid of damaging my schema, forest or domain during the uninstalllation.
How should I Proceed to remove/unistall my second exchange server without interfering on the first?
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Andres PeralesCommented:
Here is another good one...

ricocheteAuthor Commented:

The question is if I will have problem with my other Exchange server ( The First ) when uninstall the second.
 I am afraid of damaging my schema, forest or domain during the uninstalllation
Power down the old server for 24 hours and see if any operations with exchange fail.
If they dont you will be fine.
Andres PeralesCommented:
If you moved all the necessary services over rehomed pulic folders and all that other jazz you should be fine, just like ryan said turn it off for a little bit and see if you have any issues if so turn it back on....
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