Where is the missing C: drive for the recovery console?

I am getting an error:

NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart.

I searched for an answer and found this solution:

Get to the recovery console
Type these commands:

COPY x:\I386\NTLDR C:\
BOOTCFG /rebuild

I am running Media Center Edition of XP but I only have a Windows XP Pro sp2 disk. When I use this disk to get to the recovery console my only options are the recovery partition H: and H:\i386. Where is the c: drive? Is it because I'm using a Windows XP Pro disk? What are my options do fix this?

Thanks in advance everyone!
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hey looks like the drive might be failing!  I suggest replacing the drive!
Get databack might be a good software to recover data as well.

Jared LukerCommented:
It sounds like you don't have the right RAID or SATA drivers for your chipset.  You will probably have to create a boot disk that has them included:

danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
I have an HP Pavilion m300y. Here's the driver page. I don't see any SATA driver's or any driver's of any use (Thanks HP, you've come through again).

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danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
I was able to get to windows setup and see that windows setup does find the c: and all the other drives (h:, etc). I didn't have to put in drivers there. What do you think?
If you can see C partition now, then do repair console: fix boot and mbr see if it help. But I recommend that you backup your data off that drive and use F11 to restore system to manufacturing date, that is better. If repair console does not help, and you run xp repair installation, you might loose the recovery function on that system even you dont touch the recovery partiton.
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
After going into windows setup I saw that C: has 100GB free space.....100GB. No wonder it isn't finding ntldr. There is no data here right now!
hmm....fixboot fixmbr and then Chkdsk /p

try that?

Also to note this computer does not come with SATA as far as I can find.


So drivers should not be necessary as long as you are not running raid, which this board does not seem to have as well.
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
Can you someone suggest that the drive may be dying so I can give you the points. What happened was that the drive had a million bad sectors. It must have wiped out the file structure, making a lot of data vanish.
I was able to recover some information. I used Active Undelete. In case someone run's into the same problem. You won't have to search hard for a recovery program. Don't know of any good free one's.
also forgot Handy recovery is pretty quick and easy to use as well.

get data back:
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
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