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I'm currently a software developer with experience in programming in C# mostly. I have some knowledge of VB.NET, javascript, and HTML. I think I have a nice idea for a web-based game, but all programming I've done was mostly enterprise programming and it had nothing to do with games or fancy graphics.

So, my question is basically what are my options? I thought of programming flash games, but I'm not sure if it's still growing or declining. I'm not sure if you can use flash for multi-player games. I would appreciate links to the sites where I can download (purchase) IDE for development.

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jgordosConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Then you've got two basic choices...

You can write a FAT client that talks (via POST/GET) to a custom app on the server side (CGI scripts.. ASP pages.. whatever) in C# and distribute this...
Essentially, your client is constantly "filling in FORMS"... and looking for responses from the server in some "pre filled in" variables in the form... this is a cheap and easy way of doing a client/server model, with very little real effort.

Or, if you want to run completely in the browswer, you can write a custom OCX/ActiveX control that does basically what I described above.

Or, you could use SILVERLIGHT, if you want some easy ways to do a WEB 2.0 front end, and that way you can stick in the C# / Microsoft world.

Your answer is....

You have TONS of options...

The real issue, though, is what kind of 'fancy graphics' do you want?


You can use flash for multiplayer games... think of the flash client as just being any other client... then go with a basic client/server architecture...

And, for an IDE for development...

What language do you want to develop in?


Let's dialog!

YurichAuthor Commented:
Thank you,

2D will do for now or pseudo-3D (isometric view). I believe first in playability, and then in presentation ;) - it will load faster as well :)

C# is my preference if it's possible.

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YurichAuthor Commented:
OK, thank you.

I was browsing a bit vast scopes of the Internet and found a few references saying that I can't use C# and Flash. ActiveScript - the language used for Flash is not compatible with C#. Silverlight is not an option at the moment as I'm still with VS2005.

I think in my situation fat client is a bit too much. And yes, I think running in the browser the whole thing was the idea I had. So the activex controls. Where do I go to from now?

You CAN use C# and flash... the script (ac3) isn't compatible... but you can call out from FLASH to a web service.. and that service can be written in C#
and for a more "programmer friendly" alternative to FLASH, check out OPENLASZLO.ORG

YurichAuthor Commented:
thank you
Ah! Leave everything if I were me, even C#.

Who wants these? I'll rather go to ActiveX controls.

If you want to create low quality games (Speaking of Dynamic games here, not static ones and of course, 3D games) go for VRML developed by Cortona ( It is important that you choose their VRML because it is much better then classic VRML, it has keyboard support, the traditional doesn't have it. This is a no-budget solution. The VRML is scene graph oriented.

The second solution, again a no-budget but significant is to use 3DMLW engine ( download it and you can create a bit of professional games, its structure is similar to XML.

Finally, if you are to create truly stunning games, and you don't have stuff like Modeling tools, try out DX Studio ( expensive yet best solution for online browser based games. They offer you ActiveX solutions. You can create 2D/3D games with this one.

There is Java, it is getting better at games, but not reached there yet, there is a 3D game engine of Java which has applet support and it is free, that is but I have tested the graphics of this thing, and I laughed when I saw 'em.
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