index words in a rich edit document by number

I want to be able to load text files into a rich edit box in vba and then..
have change words to different colors progromaticly
what commands must I give to say change word number 6 red which might be for example "apple"
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planoczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have different code that might work.
Do you have a small text file that I could use to test with?
And give me a sample of which words you are looking for or wanting to replace, etc..
Why are you doing VBA? in richtextbox can replace that.
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
I am using vb dot net I think 2003
but I thought it only indexex characters not words does it enable you to format say word 23
Dov_BAuthor Commented:
Sorry I was unable to get back to you before I am reposting this question
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