How to I fix this in mysql administrator - The storage engine you selected is not enabled currently

I had this message once before but briefly. A restart probably fixed it but not this time.

The storage engine you selected is not enabled currently

It appears when I attempt to create a new table in MySQL Admin

thanks for any help
Ryan BayneWordPress DeveloperAsked:
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So, I suppose that you can create tables using MyISAM engine with create table SQL statement, right?
If so, you should be able to create tables in MySQL Administrator when you select database type MyISAM. Database engines that are disabled (in red), can be enabled if you have access to the MySQL configuration file (my.ini), and mysql binaries, consider the following manual articles: and
Could you please provide a create table statement for your table?

MySQL have several database engines, MyISAM, InnoDB are examples.
The engine can be specified using ENGINE keyword in create table statement as follows:

create table table 1 (...) engine=myisam;

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Ryan BayneWordPress DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Well I was using manual controls to create the table no statement.

It would however be something like below...
which also causes the error. At the moment I think its InnoDB and when I access the list of them many of them are in red including InnoDB.

I've not made changes to MySQL admin can anything locally cause it
    id varchar(32) NOT NULL,
    access int(10) unsigned,
    data text,
    PRIMARY KEY (id)

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Ryan BayneWordPress DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Sorry i said using the query window causes the error but it doesnt
Ryan BayneWordPress DeveloperAuthor Commented:
OK heres an existing table, so I could probably create tables still however I'd still like to know whats causing this so I can use manual abilitys in the admin interface
Ryan BayneWordPress DeveloperAuthor Commented:

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `webtg2008`.`users`;
CREATE TABLE  `webtg2008`.`users` (
  `id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `uname` varchar(25) NOT NULL default '',
  `fname` varchar(30) NOT NULL default '',
  `lname` varchar(20) NOT NULL default '',
  `email` varchar(45) NOT NULL default '',
  `country` varchar(20) default NULL,
  `zipcode` bigint(20) default NULL,
  `datejoined` datetime default NULL,
  `passwd` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  `access` varchar(15) NOT NULL default 'member',
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)

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