Relationship of RAM on Workstations and the Speed of the LAN

How does the size of RAM in workstations effect the speed of the LAN??
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MikeBusbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It doesn't
At least not directly.
If you are running a 'heavy load' app (or multitasking) with a 'small' amount of ram, the lan might have to wait for the OS to get around to it
the speed of the lan is normally much lower than the speed the pc can handle the transmissions
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MikeBusby answered the question.
Reasons for a slow LAN can include RAM in Workstations. Solutions would be:
" Upgrade the amount of RAM.
" Replace with a higher speed RAM.
" Ensure the available RAM exceeds the minimum required for all applications.
" Increase the size of the virtual memory.
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