Outlook Exchange 2007 Disconnected status

Hey guys,

I am experiencing issues with Outlook 2007 using microsoft exchange.

I have 3 machines on my network using exchange. The clients have worked well until recently they all display a Disconnected status. The exchange server is not located onsite.

Internet is accessible and i can view web pages and even use Outlook webaccess.

Restarting the application, outlook prompts me to enter my login and password for the exchange server, and the server pings fine from all machines. This makes me think that the problem lies somewhere in the authentication process.

I have recently installed a Netgear FVS124G firewall. I can confidently say that we experienced no service issues prior to installing this firewall. I don't believe it has been correctly configured to allow the machines/server access to the necessary ports. Guidance is required!
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kanlueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here are some links that might help:
Managing Exchange Server Connectivity Across


i do believe that exchange hosting service providers will provide vpn connection. please check with them.
from what i know, from the beginning, exchange server is kind of treated as onsite workgroup server.

the performance of outlook web access for three clients is acceptable, i did some similar tests before.
but outlook has more features/functionalities while comparing.

hope it helps.

i think that your firewall blocks some traffic between your outlooks and the exchange server.

there are some special ports using between outlook and exchange server, and they are changed randomly. you can not set it up in your netgear firewall unless you open all the ports/no protection.

so, two methods that you can try here:
1). open all the ports in your netgear firewall to one of the workstations to test (no protection), that should go through, and your outlook would be working fine after you open/release it.

2) no change in your netgear firewall, use vpn connection in your workstation, connect to exchange server, that will take care of the issue and you get protection at the same time. it's highly recommended when exchange server is not on site. this method, you need to set up a vpn server within the same network of the exchange server.

hope it helps.

PaulAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, i will talk to our provider and see if they will support a VPN connection (our exchange is hosted by a service provider).

Seems strange that exchange can't be used properly behind a firewall considering it's target market, although i assume thats because exchange was designed with all business' having microsoft servers on-site ;)?

In the meantime however, i am still keen to stop using Web Access... I have now configured all clients to connect to exchange via HTTP, this seems to have fixed the disconnected issue but at the expense of alot of speed

Is having 3 clients using exchange over HTTP going to be a big problem elsewhere? Will it affect browsing speeds more etc

Keen for some second opinions.. Cheers
PaulAuthor Commented:
Sorry, by 3 clients using HTTP i did not mean Outlook Web Access, but was referring to outlook 2007 clients connected via HTTP.

I will read over those articles, thanks
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