Need a Sample tutorial Using Ajax in a jsp for Login (database authentication) .

Hi all,
        I am newbie in Ajax.I created a login.jsp and servlet for the database authencation.I want to use Ajax for the any tutorial ajax using in jsp with a servlet?

Waiting for expert solution.
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krishna kishore mellacheruvu venkataConnect With a Mentor Commented:
krishna kishore mellacheruvu venkataCommented:
Please find the following link as it may solve the problem.
saleemkhanAuthor Commented:
Hi ,
  I go through the above links but i need  a tutorial loginpage.I.e JSP using a servlet with ajax (For database authentication).
jsp will contain javascript, you can hit servlet by URL.
AJAX is independent of the server side technologies and can be used with JSP very easily.
What you can do is to embed the javascript code within your JSP.
Here's are few tutorial that will help:
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