Lotus Domino 7.0.2 is consuming too much memory

We are running Lotus Domino 7.0.2FP2 HF88 on a Windows 2003 SE 32bit with SP1. This box has got 6GB of memory. We upgraded the memory from 2GB to 6GB when Lotus Domino started to eaat more and more memory.
Now, the problem with consuming memory is back. Lotus Domino started to eat all memory and from time to time we get "The system is running out of memory". We tried to do restart of whole box, but it didnt help! Even after a reboot, after a 6 hours, we 've got again that bloody message "The system is running out of memory".
I cant imagine why Lotus Domino is taking more than 4GB physical memory and it looks like is still not enough!!!
Any ideas?
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
@meugen: if you give a lot more information we can stop guessing...

Here some hints to analyze your system.

You could try to kill internal Domino tasks, in order to see which task consumes most. On the server console, type
and then you could subsequently stop all tasks, like

After each TELL-command, you could inspect Domino's memory size.

The easiest thing when you're done is to restart the server.

What tasks are running? What other services are running on Windows? Etc..
It sounds like there is a memory leak in the application.

Have you tried contacting IBM and asking about known issues ?
meugenAuthor Commented:
I tried to search on their forums, but with no luck.
Contacting IBM to open a case is not feasable solution because company doesnt wants to pay for support
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usually agents are the biggest memory eaters
use "Tell Amgr Schedule" command to see what agents you have running on the server, then make a list of what agents are custom build (i.e. exclude out of office etc)

also, do you have http running?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Is Domino the only activity of the server, or are there other active processes? AFAIK, Domino cannot use more than 2 Gb per instance (or 3 Gb of you configure Windows differently) on a 32-bit system. So if it is a partitioned server, each partition could take 2 Gb.

There may be other reasons for Windows lacking memory. What is your server doing, inside and oustide Domino? More info needed!
meugenAuthor Commented:
nserver.exe is the process which is using almost all memory.
it takes arround 20 days untill whole memory is eated by nlnotes.exe, then we restart the box and everything is normal for another 20-25days.
meugenAuthor Commented:
an update: this box is EntEd. and not Standard edition as i misstyped previously
what kind of server is it ? i.e - is it application server, is it mail server, does it serve to webclients etc?

there are 2 technotes

which suggest mdifying the number active http threads


that suggest that the issue was fxed in 7.0.1 which does not mean that the same issue could not appear in 7.0.2
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:

Could you give us some feedback, e.g. about how you solved your problem, if solved of course? What was the matter?
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