Append Command: Appending on a new line

When using the MS Windows ftp.exe there is an append command. From what I have seen, when appending text files, it just directly appends the new file to the source file without making a new line.

For example:
Source: test
new: anothertest
outcome: testanothertest

I would like to see to see a new line before the new file is appended:
outcome: test

How can I achieve this result?
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JamsbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It can easily be done via notepad. Simply open Notepad press return then do File --> Save
It might be annoying, but you could do two appends. Create a text file with a carriage return in it, append that to the remote file, then append your other text file.
With he other alternative adding a line to the start of the text file being appended.
bejhanAuthor Commented:
Okay if I have a blank line at the beginning of the appending text file it works. But I like your first suggestion better so that in my code I can just have it append the line return text file first so that I don't have to mess with my other files. However, the only problem is I can't get a text file to save with just a line return. When I open it again its always just blank again. Any idea of how to do this?
bejhanAuthor Commented:
Ah, notepad just doesn't recognize it when you open the file again but it does exist. Okay.
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