Installing BGInfo.exe onto Windows XP problem

The following KIXTART script works on the majority of our Windows 2000/XP PCs but occasionally fails.
Some XP installations create the folder but don't copy the files. Other XP installs don't even create the folder. I have stepped through this using the /d switch but get no errors. It acts like a permission problem but then it should never work if that is the case.
Domain users do not have local administrator (or power user) credentials here.
Also, on the XP installs that don't even create the folder, it doesn't work for me when logged in as an Enterprise Administrator in a Windows 2000 AD. We have installed XP sp3 but most of the PCs with the problem are at sp2:

MD "c:\program files\bginfo"
      ;IF EXIST("c:\program files\bginfo\shh.bgi")
      ;del shh.bgi
copy "\\oak\installs\applications\bginfo\*.*" "c:\program files\bginfo"
cd "c:\program files\bginfo"
SHELL '%COMSPEC% /C "bginfo.exe shh.bgi /TIMER:0 /NOLICPROMPT"'

Anyone see this problem before or have any thoughts?
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Jared LukerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, that's a pretty basic script.  All of those things can be done via batch scripting.

Try redoing the script in batch and see if you have the same problems.
Jared LukerCommented:
Do the users group for the workstation have change rights to the folders that you are trying to work with?
bstillionAuthor Commented:
jared luker:
The users group does not have change rights to the folders I am working with.
I have tried syntax to change the rights but with no luck.

I will make this a .bat file and try again on your advice.
It will be tomorrow before I can try but I will let you know.

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bstillionAuthor Commented:
jared luker:
The batch script created the folder and copied the files.
It did not execute the bginfo.exe so I will research my batch syntax and eliminate that as a possible reason.

bstillionAuthor Commented:
jared luker:
I'm getting pulled away from this due to production problems
in other areas/departments.
I don't know when I can get back to this but hopefully, I can resume
I'll update you then.

bstillionAuthor Commented:
The following line will not execute on the test PC:

SHELL '%COMSPEC% /C "bginfo.exe shh.bgi /TIMER:0 /NOLICPROMPT"'

It works on most others but I think there is a problem with this installation of Windows XP.
I would guess that approximately 10% of the PCs on this network are having this problem.
I'll close this question as it appears that it has been answered. The problem seems to be
something other than syntax.

Thanks for the help.
Jared LukerCommented:
From a command prompt type

echo %comspec%

If you don't get a path to cmd.exe echoed out, then that could be your problem.  In the same light, you could put in the full path to cmd.exe instead of using the variable as a test.
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