Why do network printers show up in a citrix session but some users get error no printer available

We were on a PS4 Enterprise 4 citrix server farm. I have been having issues recently where users launch a published desktop or app and when they go to print they recieve an error that no printer is available. I checked their printers and the correct printers show up in their citrix session. When I click on the printer that they want to use and print a test page to it from inside their citrix session they can use the printer without errors for the duration of their citrix session. This has happend just over the last few months. I just finished upgrading to Presentation Server 4.5 in hopes that would fix my issue and it did not. Here is some more details

Windows 2003 Server SP2
Citrix PS4.5 with Rollup 2 installed
4 citrix server farm

I am ok technical wise when it comes to citrix but I can't figure this out. If anyone has seen this issue please let me know what you did to help solve the problem. Also I did check and I do get 1106 errors in the event log but those seem to be correct for printers that we have on the network that the driver is not installed on the citrix servers. The drivers for most of our network printers are installed on the citrix servers

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JimboEfxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello lastcall1234,

In the case where client printers are mapped, but none set as default - you can use the below utility to give users the power to set a printer as default in a nice easy way.


Put a shortcut to the exe in the all users deskop, works a treat.

As regarding the other printing issues:

-make and model of the problematic printers?
-are the printer drivers installed on all citrix servers?
-must the printers be client mapped - can they be network mapped?

Also have you seen this product(I have seen this work very well)?

Hello lastcall1234,

What OS and ICA versions are on your clients?
From what I read here (if i am not mistaken) the printers are there, but one is not marked as default or when you do file print from the app no printers are listed?


lastcall1234Author Commented:

The clients are all Windows XP service pack 2 installed and for the most part are runnning ICA client 10.2 the latest version.  The goofy thing is that I have checked and the sometimes the correct printer is checked as the default but citrix does not recognize any printers as installed. Then if I go to Start - Printers and faxes from within their citrix session and print a test page to that same printer everything works fine and they can print to that printer with no problems through their whole session. You are correct though that their have been times where not all client printers get mapped. I checked our policies and we have it set to create all client printers and to use the universal driver if the native driver is not installed
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