How do we re-open the status of a database when it does not allow us to do so?

We have Filemaker Pro 9 on the client machines and Filemaker Server 9 on our server.
In the Panel, section Administration --> Databases, we can see the list of our databases.
One of them has the status of "Closed".
We try right-clicking on it and selected the option to "Open" but nothing happens.
We also, try selecting, "Resume" but nothing happens.
We copied the database itself from the server to a flash drive to the client and copied it to the desktop.
When we clicked on the file itself we get an error message that says:
"Access priviledges to this file has been damaged or possible tampered with.  Contact Filemaker technician support if this cannot be resolved."
We tried restoring our SBS Server but nothing happened, we still get the same error message and problem.
Pls advise how to resolve this.
j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAsked:
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billmercerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The error message you're getting  
"Access privileges to this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with"
is accurately describing the problem.

The part of your file that contains information about users and their access has been damaged or corrupted, preventing you from opening the file. .

This could result from a server crash, a power outage, or a memory or hard drive failure, etc.
The first thing you need to do is evaluate your backups. Go back through previous backup copies of the database and find the most recent copy that is not damaged.

Next, try to run a recovery on the damaged copy of the database, by choosing File|Recover from the FM client menu and selecting your local copy of the damaged database. This will scan the database and try to recover as much data as possible from it. There is no guarantee that everything will be recovered, though.

If the Recover succeeds, you will then need to import all the records from the recovered file into the good backup copy.

Do NOT run Recover and then put the recovered database back into production, as that could cause you to have more serious problems in the future.

j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:

unfortunately, the recent copy of the file is dated May 16, 2008.
I thought I made a copy of it on June 16, 2008 but it was a copy of the May 16th file.
The file I named it "back up name_of_file", and the date on it when last accessed was the 16th of May.
Where does FileMaker keeps the original file, under C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases?
The other databases we created were not affected, it was the main database that was affected.
On the server side it displays the status as "Closed" it won't open when I right-cllick on open.
We just started working non-stop with it for the last two weeks.
And we created many new layouts and databases.
Our database is not online, so we are lucky that we did not have data.
Why is it when we do a SBS restore (roll-back) to the 18th, it does not provide the file on the server?
Does an SBS back-up takes care of FIleMaker as well or only itself (Microsoft)?
THe only thing we did last on the server was to close a database and remove one from the FM server, I tried to do this but I forgot to turn off my client side FileMaker, but the server-side informed to close it before it could close and remove the database.  When I closed the client, I selected close on the databse then remove.
When we later went to play with FileMaker it did not respond(the main database).
Any other solutions?
lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First do what Bill said, do a recover and see what it does.
As far as server operation is concerned, you've done nothing wrong except relying on a computer!
I hope you will remember the lesson, a database must be backed up every day if not more, no debate. and it should be automatic, and not rely on anyone who may forget. You should even store this file in a different place or site in case of major disaster of the premises, like a simple air conditionner flood!
SBS backup certainly does not take care of extra apps you install, how would it know unless it backs up the whole disk(s)?
and a fm databse must be paused to be backed up, so restoring the SBS backup is probably a waste of time.
Last bit: make sure your fm server has the last release, and regularly test your backups are valid (say every month), I've seen corrupted backups before, even when the server is running fine.
Now, if the recover step fails, there is not much left...
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j_ramesesInfo Sys MngrAuthor Commented:
thank you both for your help
"Any other solutions?"
You might want to contact FileMaker tech support, they have a service that can sometimes recover databases better than you could do on your own. I don't know how much it costs though.
"Why is it when we do a SBS restore (roll-back) to the 18th, it does not provide the file on the server?"
I'm not familiar with SBS backup so I don't know what it includes and excludes by default, but running a backup of a FileMaker database on a server with third party software is pretty much a no-no.

Anything which accesses a FileMaker database file while it is open can cause problems. That includes not only backup software, but also virus scanners, and even having the database in a shared folder that's visible to others. FileMaker Server has its own backup function, you should use that instead.

Going forward, use FileMaker's built-in backup to make a backup copy of your live database files in a separate Backup folder.

Then, when running your backup software, make sure that the backup is set to EXCLUDE the live database folder, and INCLUDE the Backup folder. Also make sure the FileMaker backup is scheduled to run half an hour or so before the server backup starts, so they won't overlap each other.

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