Getting errors such as ID no: 8000ffff when uninstalling Exchange 2003 with 2007 in production

Details to follow
I get errors when trying to uninstall Exchange 2003.  There is a red X by:
Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools
Microsoft Exchange Domain Preparation
Microsoft Exchange Forest Preparation
Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services

The error for each is:
An unexpected error occurred.

ID no: 8000ffff
Microsoft Exchange Setup

Exchange 2007 is working and is operating.  If I have the Exchange 2003 server turned off, everything works fine still, including browsing public folders.  So I believe that I have did everything that I need to do to transfer all of he roles over to 2007, I have followed many documents and got through some errors.

I encountered an error before the ones listed above about having a bridgehead server assigned.  I removed the routing group connector on the Exchange 2007 server that points to the exchange 2003 server and got past that.  I transfered the public folders and mailboxes over.  I have the public folder store deleted, I also have the default store deleted.  Maybe that was a bad thing to do, but I figure it wasn't going to hurt.

I tried to give enough information to say what is going on, but not have a book of reading.  Let me know if you need to know anything else.  Thank you
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do you plan to format the 2003 box after it has been uninstalled?
does everything work fine when the 2003 box is shutdown?

if the answer is yes, then you can even use adsiedit.msc to remove the 2003 box.
getwidth28Author Commented:
Yes, I will just format the machine when 2003 is "safely" off of there.  I suppose my real concern that the environment does not see this exchange 2003 server hanging around somewhere.

Everything works fine when the exchange 2003 server is shut down.
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then you can also remove this server from adsiedit.msc
getwidth28Author Commented:
Is this the referral that you are talking about?

1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Windows 2000 Support Tools, point to Tools, and then click ADSI Edit.  
2. Expand each of the following items:
Configuration Container
CN=Configuration, DC=Domain_Name,DC=com
CN=Microsoft Exchange
CN=Administrative Groups

Note In this procedure, Domain_Name is a placeholder for the name of your domain, Your_Organization_Name is a placeholder for the name of your organization, and Your_Administrative_Group_Name_Or_Exchange5.5_Site_Name is a placeholder for the name of your administrative group or Exchange 5.5 site.
3. Right-click the Exchange 2003 server object, and then click Delete.  
4. Click Yes in every adsiedit dialog box that prompts you to confirm the deletion.  

Taken from:
that is correct.
just make sure that you delete the correct server.

i would suggest that you take a system state backup of AD before doing anything in adsiedit.msc
getwidth28Author Commented:
Ok, I can't tend to it at the moment but hopefully after I get done with the task at hand.  I will post when i'm finish with how it went.
getwidth28Author Commented:
I wasn't quite ready to go the ADSIedit route.  I had tried to delete the server from the server list but could not do it from the navigation pane.  I tryied it via the below and that worked to remove the server:
Remove the Exchange 2003 server from Active Directory
To remove the Exchange 2003 server from Active Directory, follow these steps:1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
2. Expand Administrative Groups/Your_Administrative _Group_Name/Servers.

Note In this step, Your_Administrative _Group_Name is a placeholder for the name of your administrative group.
3. Right-click the name of the Exchange 2003 server that you want to remove, click All Tasks, and then click Remove Server.

I then tried to uninstall and no go
I tried uninstalling applications such as the MOM agent, backup exec agent, exchange tools like the disaster recovery analyser, server user monitor, exchange development tools, exchange managment pack thing, loadsim 2003, doubletake, active directory management pack heloper object.  Restarted
Still no go but thought I would try
I then drilled down in ADSI to CN=Servers and the exchange 2003 server was not listed there.  I am guessing that when I removed it from system manager, this was the same thing so it removed it from here.
So I'm good to go?
I had quite same error. Here which worked for me.
I am trying to remove my Exchange 2003 front end server. Using the Uninstall
and Add/Remove programs to uninstall I get the same error. After the intial
REMOVE, it goes to Component Progress and gets a red X on everything with the

One or more sub-components of this component has information to display.

An unexpected error occured.
ID no. 8000ffff
Microsoft Exchange Setup

- I cannot find any articles anywher to help. Any ideas would be greatly
You were on to something here. I was trying just to simply use the
Add/Remove and Uninstall, neither which worked. I put in the Exchange CD,
started the setup process and where the Exchange Install options were, I
changed it to REMOVE. It removed cleanly.
getwidth28Author Commented:
Cool.  Hopefully the next person that runs across this can use your solution.  
Launching setup.exe from the CD worked instead of using add/remove programs for me as well.
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