Unable to locate software package

I was told when I purchased a CX500 in the used market that the EMCRemote software was available for download via Powerlink. Any search I do there results in about 8000 hits, no matter how I frame the request.
The chat feature on Powerlink is a joke in my opinionl.
It took them 45 minutes in a chat  to tell me that they would email me the link to get the software, which they never did.

I am planning on self-maintaining this EMC, which is why I am looking for this software package.
Could anyone give me an idea of where I can find this on EMCs site or anywhere else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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OK, so it does sound like you are mainly trying to support and maintain the system onsite, within your network.  CLARalert and EMCRemote are tools that would normally be used in a production, 24-7 type support situations, so if you want to implement that later, you can.  What you really need to download from Powerlink and become familiar with is Navisphere Manager.  This is the tool that you will need to do pretty much anything on the Clariion.

Start with these links from within Powerlink:
Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads J-O > Navisphere Service Taskbar
The NST will allow you to do perform some maintenance tasks, but you may need the full Navisphere Manager to do everything else if you don't have it already.  I'm not sure that they provide it as a free download.

Next, check out all of the links under the following link.  They include free training videos on how to replace drives and have documentation for just about anything else you'll need to do on your array.  The key is to get Navisphere Manager so that you can work with assigning storage to hosts and such.  Peruse the links and let me know what you think you need next.

Home > Products > Hardware/Platforms > CLARiiON > CLARiiON CX500
Have you tried downloading CLARalert?  

Support > Product and Diagnostic Tools > CLARiiON Tools > CLARiiON Installation Tools > Download CLARalert (v 6.26)
rmcdildaAuthor Commented:
I hadn't heard of CLARAlert, so I'm willing to look at it, but I am mostly interested in being able to work on this system at all levels.

I ran into an issue right out of the gate where I needed to get into engineering mode to wipe out the settings that were left on this box. With some information I obtained on the forums here, I got past that problem. However, I want to make sure that I can get into engineering mode should I ever need to again.

Currently, this system is not in production. Once it is in use, I don't want to find out that there is a
resource that I might need and do not have access to.

Does CLARalert allow access to engineering mode? Or does it just notify you when there is a problem?

According to the person at EMC chat support, I can download EMCRemote if I want to. That is, if I could ever actually find it on their site.

Any idea of that is correct or not?

I tried calling them, and 3 or 4 call transfers later, they disconnected me. So far, I'm not too impressed with EMC's ability to support their product.

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Engineering mode is accessed through Navisphere which is the software package that is used to actually manage the array.  You already have Navisphere, right?  Your last post makes it sound as if you are just trying to manage the array, and Navisphere is all you need for that.
rmcdildaAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the quick responses. I reread my last post, and it missed the mark by a bit.

For a little background, I teach IT repair classes for HP9000, HP3000, RS/6000, AS/400, Alpha (Tru64 and VMS), SUN, Dec HSz/HSg/HSj/etc storage product, along with Dell, IBM, and HP Intel products.

My company purchased a cx500 because a certain percentage of our service calls end up being on the
storage side of things.

The plan is to put this Clariion into production in a training environment and be able to expand our training into  areas beyond what we are actually supporting.

Currently, when there is a question about which product has the problem, we either have to have the storage support people get back to us with an answer, eliminate every other possible cause, or arrange to be at the site when they are there to sort it out, which slows down our service delivery.

My ultimate goal is to be able to handle these issues entirely within our company and not depend on any outside resources when this comes up.

I want to make sure that I have any resources on hand that I will need to accomplish that.

One of my responsibilities is to write technical documentation, practice labs, exams, and cheat sheets, etc.

I plan on documenting everything from recovering from a simple drive failure to a total failure of both controllers with data loss.

I guess the biggest question I need to get an answer on is, why is EMCRemote needed to begin with?
What does it give you that CLARAlert and the likes do not?

If it isn't available, is there a suitable substitute for it on the service side of things?

rmcdildaAuthor Commented:
It looks like this will get me in the ballpark of where I need to be, so it will work as a solution for now.

I already have Navisphere Manager, but had to clear out the original configs (domains and passwords)

left on there by the company that I purchased this from and never got a good look at it yet.

(They gave me the wrong ppp settings and when it didn't work, they said I should find EMCRemote

to fix the problem). I got past all of that finally, with info from these forums.

However, I would still like to implement EMCRemote.

So far, everyone I have been in contact with says the same thing, that I can implement it if I want to.

So far, no one has been able to tell me where to find it.

Any idea how or where I can get it?

I didn't see it on Powerlink either.  It will be a few days before I have a chance find out more, though.
rmcdildaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help on this. I couldn't find the Navisphere Manager up for download, but this gets me into the ballpark of where I need to be.
I will be posting a follow-up question about recovering from a total OS failure next. I will be looking for a procedure to recover from losing the RAID with the OS/Flare code on it. Thanks for your help on this one!
to get into engineering mode try logging into navisphere manager and hitting ctrl + shift + f12 then password is "messner" You can get CLARalert if you like but unless you have a maintenance contract with EMC there is really no use for it. What you should do is when/if you get access to the array is set up a monitoring template that would notify you management console that a disk has failed or hba has gone offline etc. Also you could input a smtp server address to notify you on email if need (blackberry, msn, hotmail) so if you don't have a maintenance contract go with a templete.
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