how can I check PTFs on as/400?

I need to check if the following ptfs are on our as/400. Could you please tell me how?

5722999     *BASE     Licensed Internal Code
5722SS1     1         OS/400 - Extended Base Support
5722SS1     12       OS/400 - Host Servers
5722SS1     13    OS/400 - System Openness Includes
5722SS1  30    OS/400 - QShell Interpreter
5722JC1    *BASE    IBM Toolbox for Java
5722JV1     *BASE    IBM Developer Kit for Java
5722JV1     5        Java Developer Kit 1.3
5722JV1      6        Java Developer Kit 1.4
5722JV1      7         Java Developer Kit 5.0 (1.5) -- Required for Tools 8.97.
5722TC1      *BASE     TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities...
5722WDS      51        Compiler - ILE C
5722XW1      *BASE     iSeries Access Base
5722XW1      1         iSeries Access Option 1
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Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Those aren't PTF's.  PTF's are Program Temporary Fixes (patches, updates).  Those are License Program products and components.

To display licensed programs, go to a command line and enter:

and select "Display Installed Licensed Programs"

Or, using iSeries Navigator, expand your server, select Configuration and Service -> Software -> Installed Products

The charecter-mode DSPPTF command can be used to display individual PTF's.  Just type DSPPTF and press F4 to prompt.

-Gary Patterson
Check out the Work with PTF Groups (WRKPTFGRP) command. This shows the installed PTF levels for the different groups. Some licensed programs, such as TCP/IP and performance tools, have their own groups. Cumulative packages, as well as hiper and database groups, are the most important to keep current.

jingyizouAuthor Commented:
I went to iSeries Navigator,  select Configuration and Service -> Software -> Installed Products and didn't find 5722JV1     5        Java Developer Kit 1.3, but this program is showed in Service -> Software ->All Products. could this mean that this product is on the system but not been installed?

> could this mean that this product is on the system but not been installed? <

The second part only means that 5722JV1 option 5 is recognized as a valid product by your system; the first part means that it hasn't been restored (installed) with RSTLICPGM.

A "valid product" can be from IBM. Those are almost always recognized by systems without any additional actions that you might take because IBM makes things work like that. Other products would be from 3rd-parties; you almost always have to restore those before your system knows about them.

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
If it isn't under "Installed Products", then it isn't installed.

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