Can BES Cover more than one exchange server (same domain)

I have 2 Exchange servers running in in our org.    Both are in same domain, but are at two phyically different locations.   We only have one BES installation at local office (covering one exchange server).    

The question is do I need a new installation of BES on the remote location to cover those other exchange users or can the existing BES span to cover them as well.

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sadburgerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, It is No you don't need two bes servers!

There can be some issues if you have rather slow connection speeds between the BES and the additional exchange machines, but barring that it is possible.
No, the BES will automatically use the correct server for the users when they are added, as long as the Exchange servers are in the same domain.
Also, be sure you give the BES account correct permissions for each information store

rrowe68Author Commented:
Is that NO, you don't need 2 BES servers or NO, you it cannot be done.
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