DNS problems: Non existent domain

Ok here is the deal.

I have a server running windows 2003 server. This server is configged to do everything: DNS, DGCP, EMAIL etc.

I have a workgroup in the office. I am trying to put all the puters from the workgroup into the new domain that i created on the wind 2003 server computer.

I can ping the IP address of the win2003 server from another puter on the workgroup but i cannot ping it by name.
I have researched for hours. I believe my DNS server is configged correctly all the way down to the PTR in the reverse lookup zone. I am not toally sure about my forward lookup zones though. Could a problem in there be causing this?

I have done NSLOOKUP and it still says domain not found. BUT it does find the IP address. It just leaves it blank by server name........then at other times it says it cannot find server name.

It looks like my server can be found by the workgroup by IP but not be name.


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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Wrong version of NetDiag :) Install the Support Tools from the Windows disk then give that one another try.

> I can ping the IP address of the win2003 server from another puter on the workgroup
> but i cannot ping it by name.

You mean:

ping server

Rather than:

ping server.domain.com

The first won't work because the client needs a DNS Suffix, it can't make the leap between the first and the second without a bit of help.

> it just leaves it blank by server

When NSLookup starts it executes two queries. One to resolve the name from the IP, another to resolve the IP from the name.

The error it throws can be fixed by adding a Reverse Lookup Zone for your IP Range, then running "ipconfig /registerdns" on the server so it adds the missing PTR (Pointer) Record.

> If not then I need to get the IP address for the ISP's DNS server so that I can
> put it in the forwarders tab ...

You don't need Forwarders of any kind if you don't want them or don't have anything reasonable to Forward to.

MS DNS defaults to using Root Hints for public name resolution, so it should be able to resolve public names without any configuration. Provided, of course, that your router / firewall permits Outbound access on UDP Port 53 (and TCP, for UDP overflow).

The first thing to check is DNS. Make sure that the server only points to *itself* in the TCP/IP Settings. Make sure each client only points to the server for DNS.
kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
selected zone is Windows 2000 Operating System.....and you are saying the win2003 server installed....:)
Ok also download the netdiag.exe utility from microsoft and cehck your DNS server is working fine and as per j0rdan: said configure primary DNS address on server and workstation clients should be Local IP address of the windows server...and ISP dns adress in forwarders tab of the  DNS server console.


VIjay Kadadi
JerblaineAuthor Commented:
Well I downloaded netdiag.exe then when I went to run it, it tells me

the procedure entry point Dnsgetprimarydomainname_utf8 could not be located in the dynamic link library DNSAPI.dll

so this could be related to why the other puters in the workgroup cannot see the domain.

So now I need to correct this problem so that I can run netdiag.exe right?

Also for the IP address of the ISP's DNS server, could the gateway router be acting as a dns server as well? If not then I need to get the IP address for the ISP's DNS server so that I can put it in the forwarders tab under properties in the DNS console.

How does this sound so far?

JerblaineAuthor Commented:
Well it ended up being the firewall. It needed to be turned off on the windows server 2003 machine in order for the xp clients to even see it and join it.
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